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Thread: Money Talks? More like BS walks!

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    21 former writes to Dalmation - Ako ste doista ozbiljni, izgubio sam poštovanje prema vama

    In the words of Norm. I have no idea what you are talking about. But I was on debate team. So Fuck YOU seems to be the appropriate response.

    Sharky writes: Omg....5 straight posts from the same kat....u r approach ing Freighty status....and that's scary

    Wasn't Dalmation the one that said Flash improved his game by 98%? What in the world was the 2% pre-Flash. Norm closed the thread in 36 posts. Very good. I would've done it at 2. But it shows you're now taking your job seriously and doing it.

    A segment of the Card Counting Community is self-serving, (understating the case),
    and are, (to varying degrees), avaricious, unpleasant, ethical / moral bankrupts.

    Just play your game and do not get involved in any byzantine craziness like this.

    Damn, no argument here. Although dictionary required. Zee. Use your tools and do your friggin job. You are looking for answers on a place where there is a constant contradiction of terms. Confusion is created to confound one understanding primarily from shoe players on the East Coast. Zee. Focus. Find your game. Play YOUR game.
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