It seems that Poker Stars has started freeroll tournaments where people can win cash/currency by entering into those tourneys. This is something new that I've noticed on the sight and I learned that you have to live in a state where online gambling is allowed to play. That's bullshit! The few games that I've seen have had large fields of online players of about 7000+. A player has to go through a goddamn army to get the cash.

I wonder if players can play those tourneys who don't live in a state where online gambling is allowed by having a device like a tablet that may be registered or have an address from a state where online gambling is allowed. Maybe it depends on where the signal on such a device is transmitted and received from and how Poker Stars computers can determine who is good and who is not. It would be nice to have a device that would broadcast a signal and be able to fool other computers on where the actual location is as far as transmitting and receiving information.

I'm now up to my 21st Poker Stars tourney win for the year.