Ahed Tamimi Explains the Scourge of Zionism

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
Zionism fosters militarism, belligerence, fascism, racism, state-sponsored terrorism, collective punishment, and blaming victims for crimes committed against them, along with disdain for democratic values and rule of law principles.
Its ideological extremism harms Jews and non-Jews alike - defending the indefensible, promoting Jewish supremacy, fostering violence, rejecting peace, equity and justice.
It's a cancer infecting Israeli society, tyranny by another name, contemptuous of fundamental legal, moral and ethical principles - a monster threatening everyone and everything it opposes, a force for pure evil, not good.
Appearing on Democracy Now, Ahed Tamimi explained the curse of Zionism, her Arabic translated into English.
"There is a huge difference between Judaism (a religion, and) Zionism that's the occupation, that's the killing, (the) checkpoints, (the) detension (of) innocent people."
Ideologically extremist Zionism "caus(ed) this conflict with Palestinians," not Jews or Judaism.
Great Marches of Return didn't begin on March 30 in Gaza. "They were launched (over 50 years ago) at the time of the Nakba and continue" now.
Protests against illegal Israeli occupation occur in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.
"We hope that (all Palestinians) will be part of the return marches…(T)here are Palestinian refugees everywhere, and they should return to their land, to their country."
International law affirms their right even though Israel denies it, supported by Washington and the world community, dismissive of fundamental Palestinian rights.
Hundreds of Palestinian children languish in Israeli gulag hell, mistreated the Ahed was abused. "(C)onditions children endure in prison are very difficult," she explained.
They're treated as abusively as adults, some sentenced to longterm imprisonment. Israeli military courts are presided over by racist Zionist judges, contemptuous of Palestinian rights.
Explaining why she slapped a heavily armed Israeli soldier twice her size, she said:
"My goal wasn't to hit him. I didn't intend to hit him. He had shot my cousin in the head, and my cousin was going to die because of the injury."
"The soldier at the front of my house was shooting at children and young men in the street. I'm not the one that went to him. He's the one that was at the front of my door."
He and other soldiers trespassed illegally on Tamimi family property, what they do multiple times daily throughout the Territories - breaking into homes pre-dawn, making political arrests, devastating affected families for not being Jewish.
All of the above is what Zionism is all about, a scourge demanding universal opposition.
Ahed is committed to nonviolent resistance against Zionist occupation harshness no one should tolerate.