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Thread: Do you Find this Helpful Feature

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    Default Do you Find this Helpful Feature

    Moses writes: The feature is the biggest EW since my dog ate grandma.

    KJ writes: Norm has every right to do as he likes. He can hold grudges and use his position and forum to settle old scores. And that is what it appears he chooses.

    But the problem is that when he began his forum, and needed the membership, he promised that is not what he would do, (amid those very concerns). Norm promised his only concern was what was best for the community and creating a place that players/members could share opinions and experiences to benefit one another.

    So banning a person, sock puppet or no sock puppet, that has a 25 for 25 helpful rating....Norm's own rating system to determine if members contributions are beneficial to the community, and has accumulated this 25 for 25 rating in only 56 total posts, which is unprecedented, and clearly shows the member/player ONLY wanted to contribute in a positive manner to benefit others, just violates not only the spirit of the forum, but the very promise that Norm himself made.

    I would ask Norm to think about and consider that.

    Moses replies: In the famous words of KJ himself. You're a fucking idiot! 25 for 25 my ass. The is a bigger farce that the cheating posts.
    The socks, puppets, and muppets simply keep checking the box. In someone is unliked then they check that box. 21Forme goes around checking the Unlike on every Zee post. He probably was the one checking the Like box on "Spideys" post. That is as queer as a $3 bill.

    KJ stop blowing your own horn. Do what you do best and go blow someone elses horn.

    Norm, do you really want this to be the "spirit of your forum"? You should drop this feature. It's a complete joke. Or Bosox, at least bring it up for discussion.

    The glaring number is it took Norm 56 posts to get clue. I had it pegged in two. Most everyone else was under 10.
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