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Thread: I'm Being Called TRAITOR

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    Kj responds to Axel.
    And you can shove that "being talked about" shit. I am not Nathan and that isn't my goal. All I ever wanted and tried to do was participate in the AP community that I am part of. Unfortunately, that was taken from me by a non-member of WoV who came to the site, manipulated Mike to get rid of me and then disappeared again. Now tell me that is not true.

    Poor Poor KJ. Always the victim. Anyone knocking down $100k a year for several straight years wouldn't worry about such trivial shit. You're a FRAUD!

    Axel writes:
    I think we can all agree Norm is a f****** a****** and his only goal on the site was trying to get rid of you.

    That seems to be the consensus around most forums. Even Norm's own puppets are turning against him. But 21Forme is said to be Norm, yet still asshole buddies with KJ. How does that work? A queer thing? I'd ban that stupid assed 21Forme so fast his head would spin off. IF he ever took it out of his ass.
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