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Thread: Quality of hands vs Quality of hours

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    Default Bosox Questions

    Single deck bj games has some of the highest SCORES available when compared with other games, BUT, how long can you continue play after showing your max bet?
    Everything I do is predicated on game selection and sessions. My max bets run about 6% frequency. So it's not a big deal. There is only 3 categories Minimum, Max, Super Max which is rare.

    You cannot play if they wont let you.
    Thus casino tolerance must be the #1 priority.

    Do many established card counters come to play in your area? If not WHY?
    Get in, get paid, get out. I don't spend time in the blackjack area. I'm play straight up. Thus do not have other players around me. I saw one guy once that I thought was damn good. But other than that, I give little attention to what others are doing. One guy came out from the east coast and another from the bay area. Those are the only two I've ever discussed the game with in person.

    In your post #35 I saw between the lines a lot of truth and frustration coming through and that is a real good thing.
    I'm very happy with my return on my time/financial investment. Anything above 0 my opponent wouldn't like. Anything above $100K you wouldn't believe. Anything below $50K would be considered poultry. So I don't worry about all that. I simply play game, my way, almost everyday.

    Christ you very well may have more skill and knowledge pertaining to single deck blackjack than anyone else in the country right now, but will they let you play"betting correlation"? I would hope so. No one works harder, studies more, and employs as disciplined game selection as me. I'd taken two great HoFer's and combined into one system that maybe two people, other than me, understand.

    Years ago I said on Norm's site that you were likely playing with some of the highest SCORES compared to almost all others on the board, BUT, possibly one of the lowest earners,I wasn't joking, and that says a lot.
    My competitor isn't someone's profound proclamations of income, on a forum, who I never met, on the East Coast. I will NOT play red chip and very selective when I play black. How would you know what I earn? How would you know what others earn?

    Win today. Play tomorrow.

    Won Yesterday. Playing today. Life is GooooD.

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    DBS writes:
    Hereís a true story most probably wonít believe. I was at one of my local casinos where I know everybody and of course play rated, and my card flew off the table as the dealer was dealing it. Anybody who has played pitch games knows this happens fairly often. The pit boss was close by and said straight faced, ďĒdbs, thatís all right Iíll get it, so you can keep countingĒ. I was on first base. He then bent down and picked up my card off the floor and put it on the table. I chuckled a little and acted like I didnít know what he was talking about, played a little more, and left.

    He was making a joke but at the same time letting me know he knew I was counting and he didnít care. Why? Probably because I was playing within casino tolerance, tipping and everybody there likes me. I get free rooms and all my meals are comped when Iím there. And I only play bj. So people who say you wonít get many comps playing bj thatís simply not true in my area.

    With this said, now when I go to that casinos, which I do most weeks, I donít play bj in his pit or on his shift. I donít want to push my luck, and I donít think most of the other pit bosses know I count, but who knows maybe they do. At any rate, Iím still allowed to play there and this happened a couple years ago.

    Try not verbalizing. I saw two 3s, one 2, three 5s, and that's a 4 on the floor. Maybe then they won't know you're counting.

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    Bosox writes: Go ahead dbs and get everything that you need out of Moses while the getting is good. Then when you have all the info that you want, then you can lay low for the right moment when he is not looking and rip out a pound of flesh from him like you are accostomed to doing, and follow up with I thought you were completely stupid on that one Moses, after all we cannot agree on everything. Besides you did not know it was me anyway for a whole two months as I was using an alias, hoping not to upset you.

    Bulb loves to debate. I'm starting to like the furly sqwucker a wee bit. But trust has not yet it my radar. So with that? Y'all get my pigeon story.

    You don't need a machine gun just because a hundred pigeons are shitting on the roof of your house. However, a BB gun isn't going to help solve the problem either. Shooting a rifle is illegal within city limits as well. So, you buy a pellet gun that has the impact of a .22 rifle. Then, you shoot the filthy bastards right between the eyes. I think the total was 66 bagged and 1 drive by for the smartest one.

    Hence, you don't need a high powered difficult count to navigate Bulb's game. However, HiLO isn't going to give him much of an advantage as well. So, switching the 2 and 7 increases his SCORE. Adding 1/2 point to the 5 and -1/2 to 9 increase it a lot more. Shooting your local casinos right between the eyes will make you non existent or a travelling blackjack player.

    I hope sharing some of my work helped him out a little. Clearly, he has many questions. Thus is not totally sold on HiLO. But if I didn't or he doesn't take my advice? I mean really WTF do I care? I'm not going to go jump off a bridge over it.

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    Why is it the clowns that want to side count or otherwise incorporate the "7" into their count, always throw up the example of a rather obscure hand of 14 vs dealer 10. One particular hand, of very low frequency, knowing that there is a tremendous disparage in the number of 7's depleted, might make the very slightest bit of difference. This would amount to a penny an hour. And the mistakes made, even a single mistake, would cost 100 times that. And when you start assigning half values you are assured to make mistakes.

    I mean what is next, are you going to side count "8's" which have even less value and effect of removal of almost zero, because occasionally, you get a hand of 13 vs dealer 10 and knowing there are "extra" 8's might mean, a extra penny every 8 hours?

    You guys are freaking retarded (no offense to the mentally challenged}. This stuff has all been settled by the top blackjack mathematicians, and confirmed by computer simulations. There is diminishing returns at play. VERY diminishing returns. I don't know why you pro-count people want to go back and re-argue concepts that were settled in the 80's. These things had little value then with better games, and even less now, with worse games.

    KJ writes:

    It is not a side count. It is a realignment of the 2-7s. Why is it you think the 2 is so vital? Obviously you don't run sims and have no knowledge of the frequency of the 14 vs 10. Or give any credence to SCORE whatsoever. Do the math dip shit. Run the SIMS. Or play your damn 2. I don't care.

    KJ is the one losing money and refusing to play me or let me be the house against him. So every newbie in the world. Please take KJ's advice. He's an AP and a PRO. Don't believe me? Just ask him...he will tell you. Man, will he tell. He is also the biggest queer, coward, and liar that ever walked the face of the earth.

    So now he resorts to ableism to prove a blackjack point. Please cyber police. Allow someone to bust this guy in the mouth. Maybe then he will stop coming in and bothering you all.

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