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Thread: Israeli parasites team up with US host to lay siege to Syria and Iran

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    Default Israeli parasites team up with US host to lay siege to Syria and Iran

    Syria and Iran: US/Israeli Targets for Regime Change

    Written by Stephen Lendman Subject: United States
    Syria and Iran: US/Israeli Targets for Regime Change
    by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
    Regime change in Syria and Iran are longstanding US/Israeli objectives - part of their greater scheme to redraw the Middle East map, coveting regional control, wanting its valued hydrocarbon resources looted.
    Endless US wars of aggression are all about achieving these objectives - what imperialism is all about, Washington on a global scale, Israel seeking regional dominance, along with America's presence.
    Brookings is a corporate-financed imperial tool. Its earlier report titled "Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran" was a regime change policy paper - prepared by six Zioideologues.
    They addressed disarming Iran, invasion, air strikes, allowing or encouraging an Israeli attack, regime change, and containment - a sinister plot to destroy Iranian sovereignty, Washington gaining another imperial trophy, Israel partnering in the scheme.
    Tehran was falsely accused of seeking nuclear weapons it abhors, along with aiding regional terrorist groups it wants eliminated.
    Fabricated evidence was cited, nothing revealed, claiming Iran "aid(s) groups seeking to overthrow the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain (Lebanon and Israel as well) at various times."
    Tehran was falsely accused helping to derail Israeli/Palestinian no-peace/peace talks - dead-on-arrival each time initiated.
    A separate report titled "Saving Syria: Assessing Options for Regime Change" called for Assad's removal, falsely accusing its military and "sectarian thugs (sic of wanting) to crush the opposition and reassert its tyranny."
    Obama regime-launched aggression was ignored. Nor was US use of ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers addressed.
    Syria and Iran are blamed for US/Israeli high crimes against them. Iranian military advisors are helping Damascus combat US/Israeli-supported terrorists.
    Regimes in Washington and Tel Aviv represent the greatest threat to regional and world peace.
    Netanyahu demands Iranian military advisors leave Syria, earlier saying there's no place for them anywhere in the country.
    Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov slammed the notion, calling Netanyahu's demand "absolutely unrealistic," saying resolving regional problems is "impossible" without Iranian involvement.
    Russian/Iran political and economic relations remain firm - undeterred by US sanctions. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Moscow intends deepening ties with the Islamic Republic. Trump regime imposed sanctions will be ignored.
    On Sunday, Iranian international affairs advisor Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said "(t)he Zionist regime tries to gain dominance over Syria after Daesh (ISIS), but resistance forces and military advisers from the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue their presence alongside Syria to counter terrorism," adding:
    "The Syrian people will not allow the country to be turned into the hotbed of Zionist terrorists once again."
    Washington, NATO, Israel, the Saudis, and their regional partners in high crimes continue providing ISIS and other regional terrorists with heavy weapons - prolonging war in Syria endlessly.
    When Putin and Trump meet in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, Syria will be discussed, along with other topics of mutual interest and concern.
    John Bolton said "get(ting) Iranian forces out of Syria" will be brought up by Trump. Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Syria will be discussed - not Iran's military advisory role in the country.
    As long as Damascus seeks Iranian help in combating US/Israeli supported terrorists, along with maintaining security in the country when they're defeated, Tehran will maintain "decisive support" for its regional ally.
    It won't yield to pressure from Washington, Tel Aviv or anywhere else, Amir-Abdollahian stressed.

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    Default Israeli terror-bombing

    Israel Terror-Bombs Syrian Airbase
    by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
    Along with Washington, Israel is waging war on Syria without declaring it - naked aggression against a sovereign independent nation threatening no one.
    Ahead of Netanyahu's upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow on July 11, he repeated on Sunday what Syria, Iran and Russia reject, saying:
    "We will not tolerate the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies anywhere in Syria - not close to the border and not far away from it."
    Overnight, Israeli warplanes terror-bombed Syria's Tiyas (T-4) airbase in Homs governorate near Palmyra.
    The Syrian Arab News Agency reported the attack as follows:
    "The army air defense on Sunday evening confronted an Israeli aggression on T-4 Airport in Homs countryside."
    "A military source told SANA that the army air defense downed a number of missiles (not all) which targeted T-4 airport and hit one of the attacking warplanes, forcing the others to leave the airspace."
    "The Israeli aggression came in coincidence with the successive defeats of terrorists in Daraa where the Syrian Arab Army is carrying out a wide-scaled military operation against terrorist groups for about 15 days.
    "The army has been able to liberate scores of villages and towns and it has forced the armed groups in other areas to surrender and hand over their weapons and ammunition."
    AMN News called the attack "powerful," citing a Syrian military source, saying at least one IDF warplane "managed to hit its target," evading Syria's air defense system.
    In April, Israeli warplanes terror-bombed the T-4 base, Syria's largest, causing a number of casualties on the ground.
    SouthFront cited Lebanese media and the General Command of the Syrian Arab Army in reporting on the incident, saying several Israeli warplanes were involved, at least one damaged, along with Syria's air defense system able to down most air-to-ground missiles.
    One or more others struck targets on the ground, causing material damage only, no reported casualties.
    Israel's military intelligence DEBKAfile (DF) propaganda arm questioned whether any attack occurred a week ahead of Putin/Trump summit talks, saying:
    "(I)f indeed it happened, (Damascus may have) wanted to discourage Russian President Vladimir Putin from seeking any kind of deal on Syria at his meetings with President Donald Trump in Helsinki on July 16 or with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Moscow on July 11, alleging that all they both want (to) stir the pot and keep the military confrontation on the boil."
    "(I)t can't yet be said for sure whether the air strike against T-4 actually happened, or was the invention of Syrian propagandists."
    By its own admission earlier, Israel admitted its warplanes attacked Syrian targets numerous times throughout the war - US naked aggression, launched by Obama, escalated by Trump, supported by Israel.
    Take the above DF report with a grain of salt. Most of what it reports lacks credibility.

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