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    Default There's no way around the variance

    BJTF and some of the other forums have turned into a Debbie Downer lately. In spite of what Norm claims, there are many ways to reduce variance. But it is going to take some work. It is not maintream thinking and it does NOT sell a book.

    Tarzan count probably does more to reduce variance than any other. But why it is only slightly better than Wong Halves or Hi OPt II is a mystery. It's probably because his columns are out of alignment. Great for PE where allowed. Great for IC. But not a great BC count. It's counter productive to reduce the lowest column to zero in single or DD.

    The common answer seems to be "keep playing and things will get better." How about "work on your game so things don't get worse"? In a single deck or double deck it primarily comes down to "what is played vs what is left" and "what are you going to do about it vs what you are allowed to do about it." I have no idea about 6 decks. But LEGIONS of people claim to be making HUGE money at it all over the country with HiLo. More power to them. I'm not a buyer.

    BJTF members can't wait to jump on some poor bastard that is struggling with variance or playing a losing game. I don't know if T3 bumped his head or what. But lately he is giving sound advice (without all the bragging). It appears the primary reason most are struggling with variance is lack of proper money management, betting into decks with lousy composition, entitlement issues, poor work ethic, and playing shoes. I've maintained all along casinos could put HiLo count on a tote board behind the table and most would still lose money.
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