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Thread: Drumpf the Zionist war criminal

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    Default Drumpf the Zionist war criminal

    War Criminal Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
    War criminals time and again become Nobel Peace Prize honorees. Peace champions most often are scorned.
    Nobel Committee members usually honor societies' worst, ignoring the best. Rare exceptions prove how they've operated since 1901.
    Alfred Nobel was a wealthy 19th century dynamite inventor, armaments manufacturer, and war-profiteer, sort of Lockheed-Martin of his time, a merchant of death - enriching himself from mass slaughter, vast destruction and human misery.
    Deplorable past Peace Prize recipients included a rogue's gallery of war criminals, including ruthless Israeli officials, Henry Kissinger, Obama, and other US warrior presidents, Jimmy Carter the least belligerent among them.
    Earlier war criminal nominees not winning the prize included Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, GHW Bush, and Tony Blair, among others.
    Notables never awarded the prize included Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Eleanor Roosevelt, peace champion Kathy Kelly, and Jack Kennedy.
    The CIA killed him, largely for wanting peace in Southeast Asia, not war - for ordering US forces withdrawn from Vietnam, 1,000 by December 1963, the rest by end of 1965.
    Documents and tapes released under the JFK Records Act proved it. Military disengagement from Southeast Asia was official US policy on the day of JFK's state-sponsored assassination.
    Lyndon Johnson reversed his order. US-waged aggression in the region raged until Washington's pullout in April 1975.
    Millions of Southeastern Asian lives were lost, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos raped, victims of US imperial lawlessness.
    Trump belongs in prison for his high crimes of war and against humanity, for the slaughter of countless thousands of civilians in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and elsewhere so far in office, for supporting the scourge of ISIS and other terrorists he pretends to oppose, for disdaining world peace and stability, for waging a campaign against social justice and ecosanity.
    Norwegian hard-right lawmakers Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Per-Willy Amundsen disgracefully nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Justifying the unjustifiable, Amundsen turned truth on its head, claiming "(a) process is underway to ensure world peace in the future," adding:
    "It's a fragile process, but we must, of course, do what we can to help this process yield good results."
    "I believe we can accomplish this by sending a clear signal, namely by awarding Trump the Nobel Peace Prize.
    In naming Obama its 2009 Nobel Peace Prize honoree, Committee members disgraced themselves, saying:
    It reflects his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" - a bald-faced lie!
    Obama's "vision…and work (supports) a world without nuclear weapons" - more rubbish! In 2016, he approved spending $1 trillion or more to upgrade Washington's nuclear arsenal over the next 30 years.
    Trump continues his agenda, earlier saying "(t)he United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes."
    Separately, he added "let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all."
    Nobel Committee members on Obama deplorably added "(o)nly very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future."
    In office, he terror-bombed seven countries in eight years, waged war on social justice, served privileged interests at the expense of ordinary people, signed into law police state measures, authorized indefinite detention and assassinations of anyone on his say, and waged war on unwanted immigrants, earning the dubious reputation as America's Deporter-in-Chief.
    He exceeded the ruthlessness of Bush/Cheney and the Clinton co-presidency. Trump so far outdid the worst of his lawlessness domestically and geopolitically.
    His summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un was all about wanting another imperial trophy, getting the DPRK to bend to Washington's will in return for empty promises, along with wanting China isolated regionally.
    It's highly unlikely Trump will fare better than its predecessors in dealing with North Korea.
    Most likely current talks will fail in the months or years ahead like earlier ones with the DPRK - broken US promises dooming them, a repeat the most likely scenario playing out ahead.
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