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Thread: Poker Stars Stud Hi/Lo Friends

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    On Sunday I played the funnest Poker Stars Stud Hi/Lo tourney to date. I made 2 good friends and got my 15th overall win playing Poker Stars tourneys since the start of the year!

    I knew I would finally get the game I wanted where people were coming after me, trying to start shit and run their fucking mouths. 2 dip shits, Magnumpei (a dude) & RobinTheHood (a chick) wanted to cause problems for me this past Sunday evening. I'm not 100% sure if the dudes handle name is Magnumpei to be 100% but he does have the Dirty Harry avatar.

    This mother fucker Magnumpei who has a Dirty Harry avatar started running his mouth to me via the chat early on in the game while he was on another table. That's the beauty of playing in a Poker Stars tourney, you can play on your table and watch/monitor/chat/heckle on a different table simultaneously which helps at times but you have to be a participant of that particular tourney. This mother fucker singled me out for some nasty talk, I welcomed it and played right back at him with an attitude. Before I got to the table with Magnumpei/Dirty Harry I had to take out his bitch, RobinTheHood who I nicknamed railbird Robin. I teased her before and after I busted her out of the tourney and what really pissed her off is that I started talking about her sister. After I busted her she hung around and heckled me for a good while, taking flak from 2 sides. She probably watched me beat up and take out her buddy which I'm sure disgusted her. 2 hecklers in one online tourney, I love it.

    Once it was final table time my nemesis Magnumpei/Dirty Harry and I had both reached the final table. It must have been an act of god that it came down to me and him once the game was heads up. We talked shit to each other the whole time we were on the final table and long before we got there and I kicked his ass! I prevailed! I got the last words in as soon as the tourney finished and rubbed it in to my opponent by typing and posting, "I win!" It made my day.

    I love an offbeat poker game like that where all the etiquette goes out the window and everyone knows there are assholes at the table even if it is online. By far that was the nastiest PokerStars game I've played and I won. Magnumpei got that .44 Magnum to the face!!! If any of you see an asshole on PokerStars Stud Hi/Lo Tourneys with a Dirty Harry avatar call him a loser.

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