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Thread: Longest thread quiz

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    Default Longest thread quiz

    DBS whatever
    I think you're going for a thread length record. I'll assist you in that regard by making this inquiry - what is the longest thread on record (excluding the quotes thread, or whatever it is called).

    Freighter writes ^:

    There was a time I could've named every thread that exceeded 200 posts, even 100 posts. Yes, I can name the highest thread from memory. Ironic, it has nothing to do with blackjack. The 2nd largest thread has nothing to do with conventional wisdom of the game.

    So Mr Freighter, let me give you a quiz question. Can you name any or maybe 5 threads where any value surfaced beyond the 50th post?

    Norm, claims he doesn't even read his own forum. What is wrong with you?

    DBS is a paradox and it's Norm's duty to stop sticking his head in the sand and deal with it.
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    Default Who or what are the 3 catalysts?

    Good question. Don’t know. Am I close? If I get the record, do I get some kind of prize? Is this a good EV move?

    I can see I definitely opened up a hornet’s nest with this one. It generated a lot of passion, mostly with everyone attacking me. But I think there was one or two people out there that somewhat saw my point.

    I was actually impressed by a post Bosox made. It somewhat agreed with me. It shows there is still hope out there for you.

    DBS writes ^:

    Moses replies:

    Let's see UstonZen was Flash. You could tell by his verbiage/garbage. There were quite a few other handles that made up his BLUE OYSTER CULT. Ironic, they are not posting because there is no one outside of the cult to bash right now.

    Then DBS was said to be UstonZen. But his never ending posts are more like T3 of old. The commonality is he is impressed with anyone who agrees with him. But goes to the end of the earth to debate a point with anyone who disagrees. No matter how little, insignificant, or unimportant the subject may be.

    So is BJTF really that popular? Or is it just a few guys using various handles?

    The 3 catalysts for any closed thread or thread that extends beyond 100 posts are T3, Flash, and someone who was banned.
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