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Thread: A real mob job??

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    Default A real mob job??

    Sirhan Sirhan DID NOT Kill Bobby Kennedy!
    by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
    Bobby Kennedy, brother Jack, and Martin Luther King were victims of state-sponsored terrorism - Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray falsely blamed for assassinations they had nothing to do with.
    June 5 marks the 50th anniversary of RFK's state-sponsored murder. Sirhan was set up as a convenient patsy, the same way Oswald and Ray were used.
    Despite convincing evidence of his innocence, Sirhan was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death, three years later commuted to life in prison.
    Official accounts of the JFK, RFK and MLK killings suppressed key facts.James Fetzer's earlier article titled "JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn't" explained the following:
    "We are looking at staged events that fit into a recurrent pattern in US and world history where innocent individuals (or 'patsies') are baited and framed for cover-up purposes," adding:
    Elimination RFK was "in part intended to prevent a reinvestigation into his brother's death...The assassinations of RFK and JFK were both (state-sponsored) conspiracies."
    "Both involved the destruction of evidence. Both involved the fabrication of evidence. Both involved framing their patsies."
    "Both involved complicity by local officials. Both involved planning by the CIA. Both were used to deny the American people (their) right to be governed by leaders of their own choosing."
    In 1968, RFK was virtually assured to be Democrat party nominee for president, favored to defeat Richard Nixon in November - an intolerable prospect for US dark forces, why Bobby had to be eliminated.
    Fetzer explained RFK was struck multiple times by lethal gunfire. Sirhan's gun was the wrong caliber. One bullet wound was "about 1.5 inches…behind (Bobby's) right ear."
    Sirhan was never that close - "in front of him," not behind. Autopsy results showed Bobby was struck by four bullets "fired from behind at upward angles…five others close to him…wounded by separate shots…as many as 13 fired."
    The LAPD was complicit in the assassination, suppressing and destroying evidence.
    Autopsy results clearly proved Sirhan's innocence. Security guard Eugene Cesar stood right behind Bobby with a drawn gun of the same caliber as the murder weapon.
    It was never examined, nor was he considered a suspect or charged.
    In January 2010, prison teacher Gerald Reynolds interviewed Sirhan (now in his mid-70s) - imprisoned for half a century, his life destroyed for a crime he didn't commit.
    Reynolds: "Did you do it?"
    Sirhan: "Did I do what?'
    Reynolds: "You know."
    Sirhan: "What do you want to know?"

    eynolds: "Did you kill Robert F. Kennedy?"
    Sirhan: "No, I did NOT kill Robert F. Kennedy!"
    Reynolds: "I know you didn't."
    Sirhan: "How do you know?"
    Reynolds said he studied details of the case, learned RFK was killed at point blank range by a bullet to the back of his head, explaining:
    "The real assassin appears to be Kennedy's 26 year old Ace Security Company bodyguard...Thane Eugene Cesar."
    "At least one eye witness claims to have seen Cesar with a smoking gun in his hand immediately after Kennedy fell to the floor."
    "An audio recording made during the assassination indicates that there were at least 11 shots fired (perhaps more) from possibly three different guns."
    "The conclusion is that Kennedy was shot three times from behind with a fourth bullet passing through his suit coat. The fact that you (Sirhan) were standing in front of Kennedy is undisputed…"
    "(T)he coroner's report (said) not one bullet entered Robert F. Kennedy from the front of his body."
    Sirhan: "Oh my! I knew this morning when I woke up that God was telling me he had something great in store for me today and this is it! God has sent you to me…Thank goodness somebody else knows."
    Sirhan stressed "they stole his life…(He's) been rotting in that stinking prison…for nothing…The bastards stole my life. I have been denied parole 13 times."
    It's now 15 times. US dark forces intend letting him die in prison - parole panel members saying he failed to show remorse or understand the enormity of his crime (sic) used as a convenient pretext to let him rot behind bars.
    In March 2016, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied Sirhan's right to appeal, ending his hopes for a new trial, his only chance to prove he had nothing to do with killing RFK.
    That's an indisputable fact!
    Follow any new developments in his case at sirhansirhan.com.

    I don't know if Sirhan received a jury trial or if he confessed under duress like James E. Ray(America's most famous political prisoner) but if he did, he got better treatment. This man Ray was denied a trial by jury every year for 19 straight years. A shard of info on his case that most aren't aware of.
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