Ziofascist Israeli Apologist Nikki Haley Applauded Mass Murder in Gaza
by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
The so-called world's "most moral army" is comprised of cold-blooded killers - trained to persecute, otherwise mistreat, and murder Palestinians.
During a Tuesday Security Council session on yesterday's Israeli mass slaughter in Gaza, Nikki Haley mocked the dead, praising Israeli state terror, saying "(n)o country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has," adding:
"In recent days, Hamas terrorists, backed by Iran, have incited attacks against Israeli security forces and infrastructure" - a bald-faced lie on four counts.
The terrorist label applies to Washington, Israel, their rogue allies, and gangsters like Haley supporting their high crimes.
She disgracefully called the opening of Washington's embassy in Jerusalem "a cause for celebration for the American people" - not for this American and a whole lot of others like me, condemning the move.
Ahead of her contemptible remarks, Jordan's queen Rania tweeted: "A dark and sad day in history, marked with more Palestinian sacrifices."
"When will the world's conscience mobilize to give Palestinians the rights so many of us take for granted? May God have mercy on those who lost their lives defending Jerusalem's proud Arab identity."
The IDF made light of its high crimes tweeting: "Most (Gazans killed) were active Hamas terror organization operatives, and some were active operatives of Palestinian Islamic Jihad" - bald-faced lies to call any Gazans terrorists.
They're ordinary Palestinian men, women and children - 8-month-old Laila Anwar al-Ghandour one of the casualties, perishing from toxic tear gas inhalation.
Double-amputee Fadi Abu Salah was lethally shot on Monday, sitting in a wheelchair, protesting peacefully.
Egyptian actor/writer Mahmoud Elbezzawy honored him, saying "(t)here can be no more proof than (his) photo that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.
From northern Gaza's Indonesia Hospital, journalist Nadeem Muaddi tweeted: "The hospital smells like blood. There is blood everywhere."
"Those wounded are lying on the floor. There are no more beds to accommodate them. The hospitals are overflowing" - way overstretched, unable to handle the number of wounded.
UK Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: "The killing of dozens of unarmed protesters and wounding of many more by Israeli forces in Gaza, on the day President Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, is an outrage that demands not just international condemnation, but action."
Gaza's Monday death toll rose to 61, its ministry of health saying 2,771 Palestinians were injured, including 225 children and 86 women, scores in serious condition.
Monday's Israeli-inflicted horror will be long remembered - a day that will live in infamy!

Iraeli Propaganda War, Trump's No-Peace/Peace Plan
by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
Both countries comprise world history's most ruthless/longstanding axis of evil, partnering in Nuremberg-level high crimes for decades - no end of it in prospect, perhaps the worst to come.
Israeli propaganda reinvented Great March of Return Gazan protests, massacring around 110 Palestinians, more deaths to follow from wounds too severe to overcome, along with around 12,000 injured since March 30, many victims disabled - accountability not forthcoming for high crimes to grave to ignore.
According to Israeli propaganda, reported by supportive Hebrew-language and some Western media, the IDF acted in self-defense, trying to prevent a Hamas-engineered Palestinian invasion, adding dozens of individuals lethally shot were terrorists.
All of the above are bald-faced lies - a failed attempt to absolve Israel of high crimes!
Israel's Hadashot TV turned truth on its head, claiming Hamas orchestrated violent clashes with IDF soldiers, instructing Gazans to bring knives or handguns to demonstrations for use after breaching the border fence and invading Israel, adding:
Detailed maps accompanied instructions, directing Gazans on which Israeli communities to invade - more despicable bald-faced lies!
Israeli Col. Kobi Heller was quoted, saying "(y)ou had thousands of riled up protesters. Someone riled them up. Someone got them to get up as one and charge at the soldiers along the fence," adding:
"If they hadn't charged like that, our soldiers wouldn't have done anything."
An IDF tweet said Hamas "tools for infiltrating Israel (include) children, and disabled civilians rope tied to (the) fence."
Disinformation and Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe them. Weeks of Great March of Return demonstrations were peaceful.
No one came armed with weapons of any kind, according to Palestinian Center for Human Rights' fieldworkers, observing weeks of Israeli-instigated violence.
Peaceful Palestinians were gunned down in cold blood, including women and children - threatening no one.
Journalists and medical providers were shot. Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani was shot aiding wounded victims.
There were no burning tires near him, he said, "no smoke, no tear gas, nobody messing around in front of the buffer zone. Just a clearly marked medical team well away from everybody else."
A previous article quoted retired Israeli General Zvika Fogel, saying any Palestinian (adult, youth or child, male or female) "who gets close to the (Gaza border) fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation," adding:
A "child or anyone else (can) hide an explosive device or check if there are any dead zones…or cut the fence" to enter Israel. The penalty for trying is "death."
Israel misportrayed weeks of peaceful protests as an "armed conflict between the Hamas terrorist organization and Israel" - another bald-faced lie, wanting IDF ruthlessness justified as self-defense.
Nothing justifies Israeli violence against defenseless Palestinians threatening no one, occurring daily throughout the Territories, the world community doing nothing to hold Israel accountable for its high crimes.
According to unnamed sources, the Trump administration intends announcing its no-peace/peace plan next month.
Zionist ideologue/Trump's special representative for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt said he "ha(s) a message to all our friends in the region - Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians and Jews, and also to many others around the world, who regularly contact me to offer their support for @potus and our administration and our efforts to reach a peace agreement. The time has come to open a new chapter."
AP News reported five US officials and a congressional aide, saying the Trump administration will announced its (no-peace) peace plan in mid-to-late June, shortly after Ramadan ends.
US allies are being briefed on its provisions. The plan is dead long before arriving. Washington and Israel deplore peace.
They reject Palestinian self-determination, other than perhaps in isolated cantons on worthless scrubland.
Trump's Jerusalem declaration called the city Israel's exclusive capital, alone making conflict resolution unattainable.
Washington's global war on terror and Israeli/Palestinian peace plans when introduced are the greatest hoaxes in modern times.
Whatever Trump announces will one-sidedly favor Israel at the expense of fundamental Palestinians rights.
Longstanding US/Israeli aims make conflict resolution unattainable. Nothing Trump proposes will change the cold, hard reality Palestinians have endured since establishment of the Jewish state.