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Thread: Justin Flynn... Blackjack Innovator or Imitator Video

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    Default Justin Flynn... Blackjack Innovator or Imitator Video

    I just seen this video, I thought it was pretty funny whoever made it. I like how the video initially begins. The video heats up at the 10:00 mark in the video. I never looked at Flynn as a complete con man like Morgenstern. He doesn't appear to be out there ripping people off for a monetary gain via shady deals and a bogus website.

    On the other hand I've seen him fuck up his "visions" routine before. Why he want's to flip thru endless decks and beat his head into a wall to pull off some "visions" routine, who knows? In one of his broadcasts he was late to his own show and what really pissed me off is that he was short a goddamn card or two with the decks he was dealing with! Half fucking cocked! A day late and a dollar short! He missed his hit time and made me wait! He was being a cheapskate and had lousy equipment for his presentation (the cards). The video is funny nevertheless.

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    Default Visions

    If Justin used UAPC for his counting technique instead of Hi/Lo and counted thru a single deck doing his visions thing, by the time he got to the last card and if he counted the deck correctly he would at the least be able to call out the correct card tag value with 100% accuracy and have a 25% chance on calling out the correct suit. Even though a person could call out the last card tag value correctly with UAPC there would still be a problem if the last card was a 3,4,6, or 7... or a 10,J,Q, or K... same thing with a 2 or 8, there would be some uncertainty. If the last card was a 5, 9, or an Ace it would be easy to know the last card, but guess for which suit.

    Reference... http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/...tu-Ungar-s-way, post #3 for 100% accuracy all the time no matter how many decks are used.
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    Default Blackjack Card Counting Practice from our resident Expert- How To card count forum

    Another blackjack card counting flipper, Holy Shit! One of Dustin's boys.

    All I seen was a resident card playing chump and it only took seconds.
    Nobody should ever say the dude in that video is an expert. I needed a good laugh and was not denied. I could beat him in ANY card game. What an embarrassment. It was like seeing Justin Flynn or Michael Morgenstern, or any other card playing dip shit off the street in Dustin's video that I would sooner or later come across and have to deal with! Sloppy blackjack flipper!
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    Default Justin's Aversion to Chinese Women Dealers

    I recently seen a video where Justin was griping about a Chinese woman dealer (4:30). It only leads me to believe that the Blackjack Innovator must have got his ass stomped by a female Chinese dealer. Haha. I bet he dumped his bankroll and she dealt to him so fast, that he couldn't handle a level 1 count, Hi/Lo. That woman tore up the Blackjack Innovator! Made him cry and whine on his blackjack video. Justin got his ass kicked. Chinese casino speed is to much for Justin to handle, it's his kryptonite.

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