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Thread: My PokerStars Tourney Hatrick

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    Default My PokerStars Tourney Hatrick

    Last night and early this morning I pulled off my first Poker Stars stud hi/lo tourney hat trick by making 3 consecutive final tables back-to back-to back and finishing 5th, 2nd, & 5th. The previous night I finished 2nd in two back-to-back games with fields of 75+, busted the third game and then finished 3rd place on a 4th game. On those 2 consecutive running tourneys where I finished 2nd place in both games at one point in time I held the 1st place position as both tourneys were running simultaneously for awhile.

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    Default Only 4 in a row

    I was only able to make 4 straight final tables in a row on Poker Stars stud hi/lo tourney game before the degens stopped me from making it 5 in a row. I got my 11th overall PS win in a stud hi/lo tourney game days ago and was able to make a 2nd, 3rd, and 7th.

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    Got my 12th win in a NLHE game, had to navigate my way out of 396.
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    Default Another stud hi/lo hat trick

    I only played 4 tourneys last night with 4 straight final tables. A stud hi/lo hat trick with my 13th win on my 3rd game, and a Hot 50K NLHE tourney final table out of 290 + participants.

    A 14th win in a 50K NLHE KO game 4 days later.
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