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Thread: Create confusion to confound the understanding. Why?

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    Default Create confusion to confound the understanding. Why?

    It seems the goal of some blackjack forums is to never find resolution. So the chatter and clatter goes on with no end insight. It appears they are now reaching for topics to discuss and old methods that haven't been productive for years because the game has changed considerably.

    The basis, or Bible if you will, comes from a complex book written in the 70's by someone who could never respond after his passing. Thus mountains of conjecture have been created to say the least. But the one line I remember from his book is Good Engineers understand complex equations. Great engineers can make them simple again.

    Blackjack is somewhat like life. You have what is important and what is not. You'd want or should know what's been played and thus you'd also know what is left.

    There are primarily two simple options that covers 98% of the results. Instead of 28. If you believe in EoR then Wong Halves comes as close to ancient methods as you can get. If keeeping it simple with streamlined productivity is the goal, then simply give the tag value of the 2 in Wong Halves to the 7. In pitch games, the SCORE is quite a bit higher with the simpler count.

    Most everyone agrees the 8 is of 0 tag value. But what about the two? It takes you or the dealer to a stop at 15 16. Otherwise, it's just a card that adjusts the count. The 5 takes you or the dealer to a stop at 12,13,14,15,16, thus it's the highest EoR card in the deck. The 7 and 3 offer 3 stops from 14. The 6 offers 4 stops from 12. The 4 offers 4 stops from 13.

    Sidecounting the Ace is important in the single and double deck games. But you do it on your fingers as opposed to a mental count in your mind. This will free up space to see other opportunities. Let the game come to you. Calculating on the fly in the heat of the game to determine how much or when to bet is not practical. You will see your opportunites coming 1 or 2 hands in advance and the amount is predetermined what is played and what still remains. The most lucrative point of side counting the Ace is on larger bets for the purpose of insurance . Why? Because you are insuring more money on the table.

    Why in world AP's continue to guess when they can determine exact with relatively the same amount of brainpower has also been perplexing to me. So they come up with more terms to create more discussion and more confusion and more ridicule. Most of that talk has little impact on the ultimate success or failure of your game. The count, your bet, your next move is what determines the financial rewards. Knowing what's been played and still remains is the freeway to your destination. Dirt roads and the old two lane highways come with too many obstacles.
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