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    I deleted what I saw and have never posted a private name, not even the names of the bastards at ZZ or KJ who have accused me of vile crimes. In any case, this guy has purposely self-posted his name on YouTube, even while claiming his family is somehow endangered by the posting of his name.

    Norm writes ^:

    Moses writes:
    You banned me before I could point out in the thread what Ryemo was doing. So I sent you a private email and said you need to read your own damn forum. Then point out thread and post #. But you left it up for weeks. Why are you protecting this Ryemo guy?

    Why are you protecting False? Why do you claim you've never met him nor know him? But False says he's known you for years? Again, False is/was distributing private emails obtained from your forum. Yet you do nothing. Why?

    If people are in fact family members and personal friends that would seak to you slanted vision. But keeping it all a big secret is just plain chicken shit. Hanging up won't make your problem go away.
    That jerk always has something nice to say about the ZenZone. I would figure that Norm saw the post, but left it up anyways. He views Dustin/Kevin as competition because he is vouching for Blackjack Apprenticeship. Dustin/Kevin did a wonderful job creating all these videos to expose Morgenstern and Flynn. Once they were gone and out of the picture Norm then allowed a malicious act to be carried out on his forum so that Blackjack Apprenticeship would not get any more exposure thru Dustin's/Kevin's youtube channel. Thinking he would just go away and stop making videos. Norman plays dirty.

    I wouldn't even bother giving Norm a call to come to a resolution. You've moved on to better things and a better forum Moses.
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