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Thread: Game Over Norm

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    Default Norm writes:

    Would you people stop acting like kindergartners?

    What do you have against kindergartners? Kids are smarter than you think and actually take direction very well. They are so innocent that getting along and playing nice with others is easy.

    These are grown men and you're calling them kindergartners? You're the one who let it go on over several threads. Men do NOT back down. That's not opinion, that's a pure fact. So do you job and NIP IT in the bud before it starts. But riding in on your white horse, far after it all has escalated, is getting old.

    21 Forme has been one of your problem child's forever. And you look the other way. Zee in the ultimate instigator. He's great for the who want to be problem solvers and express their brilliance. But bad for overall peace in your AP community. Bosox simply jumps on bandwagons - nothing more nothing less. DBS likes to debate. Freighter does NOT. His self confidence is primarily exhibited through his humor.

    IF you're going to do something then DO SOMETHING. But sitting back and calling them kindergartners so you can look like high and mighty is pathetic. You OWE all of them an apology AND an explanation of how it's going to be from this day forward. And then, by Gawd, stick to it. YOU are letting people you've banned comeback under different handles. Then you simply look the other way? THAT is NOT the way to handle it and still claim credibility to yourself, your forum, and your products.
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    Originally Posted by Norm I've been thinking of merging with Angelina Jolie instead.

    Freighter writes:

    Can I watch?
    Reminds me of the story about a 6 year old boy who kept pestering his parents for a watch on his Birthday. So, the day he turned 7? They let him.

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    Norm writes:
    KJ actually started it there. Ion has been around since UseNet, well before the web existed. He believes in gambling fallacy. I haven't looked at the site in ages, although I hear they are again massively violating copyright by copying posts and claiming the posters are there.

    Norm, I pretty much said what I had to say to you in a phone conversation. I didn't appreciate your biased to Flash. He prove me to be right in the long run.
    I've pretty much forgot about about it. But you've still got your little two faced piss ants like Bosox and 21Forme. No worries, you'll see the light eventually. Just like you did with Flash.

    So you don't read this site? Well, maybe you should. I've posted what the two-faced coward 21Forme has said about you on other sites.

    Now, you have KJ running around giving his lip service and playing the victim card. He tried to start some victim post the other day and no one cared. I know myself and others have shut him down.

    Bosox, follows him around to each site with his nose stuck so far up his ass, he can see his mind. Bosox needs constant approval and loves to jump on bandwagons.

    Jumper the Humper

    Oh no, Norm said something about your little queer friend. Let's see you stick up for him now.
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