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Thread: Game Over Norm

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    Most likely a post by you that put everything in motion, to begin with. Are you enjoying the show? I hope you have 500 inches of snow this winter.

    Bosox writes ^:

    Moses replies: I don't know what has got into you lately, Bosox. You're not just funny. You're Richard Pryor funny

    Last edited by Moses; November 27th, 2018 at 05:14 PM.

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    I think you should get three days suspended yourself for alerting every Middlesex village and farm of possible trouble ahead that the British are coming, the British are coming.
    Bosox writes to Midwest Player:

    Moses replies: O dammit Bosox, when am I ever going to learn to not be drinking coffee while reading your posts. Now I've got to go put on another sweatshirt. Thank God I missed the laptop. Funny as hell.

    So yeah, YOU T3 crossed the line long ago. As for the owner of that site and his recent behavior, I was asked not to comment on, and so I won't.
    KJ writes:

    Moses replies: KJ, who would ask you not to comment and why would you oblige? Is there some kind of blackjack forum hell where we all sent for hurting Sir Normcelots feelings? Okay, I will see you there Norm.

    Bosox and KJ: All you need to do is ask T3/Dummy one question. What are the tag values assigned to each card? Consider T3 and Flash to be one in the same. T3 has stated a few times that Flash was his mentor. Flash would post hundreds of different tag values he took from Peter Griffins book for each specific play. That would be like me assigning 53 different side counts to a 52 card deck. IT'S BULLSHIT. If T3 says he can perform two different counts and an Ace side count over the course of 312 cards and be perfectly accurate? He is lying. I've tried it over 52 cards. Holy mindfuck, Batman.
    Last edited by Moses; November 28th, 2018 at 02:50 PM.

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    Default Norm and sim's

    Norm writes: My reply: "CVData requires 16 licenses to run in development mode and around 350 files" was in response to your request for the source code so that you could modify it. It simply isn't possible for you to modify it as you don't have the development licenses. It's fairly simple to mod CVData to sim this as it's close to something I simmed many years back. But, I was attacked for years after running that sim.

    Moses replies: I'm not going to even address the OP. It's so ridiculous, it's off the charts. But the above statement has been my feeling all along. Why not simplify it? Now you say I'm the only one still paying single deck. Then why am I sitting at home for 3 weeks over the holidays because the tables are full at 15 casinos? And that is just in one city. There are still many small towns throughout Nevada that offer the game. Seems to me it could be you who is missing an entire market.

    IF you went with percentages it would eliminate the need to round, floor, truncate, 95th percentile, Stat round, True count resolution, true count division, deck resolution, deck estimate, full deck, half deck, quarter deck, exact. All those words in order to guess in exchange for one to be precise. Percentage.

    Imagine the arguments that would be resolved. Of course, there would still be some discussion because it's new. As Peter Griffin stated, "great engineers have the ability to understand complex equations. But the best know how to make complex simple again." So do you want to be great or the best?

    Actually, I will address the OP. For one thing, keeping a count with your chips is suicide. Now some 120 posts later, all you experts managed to miss that sentence? Geesh. Norm, I thought your goal was quality not quantity. Secondly, play out 10K hands on Verite exactly the way you play or advise others to play in a casino to see if YOU can even do it before expecting others to be flawless.

    I've got to go along with KJ and Bosox in that a little common sense can go a long way. HiLO is as good as anything for a shoe because it's 312 cards. That's a long time to wait for a mistake to correct itself. In a single deck, with a percentage count, a rare mistake might be made in the 5th round. If so, no big deal, they shuffle after 6. T3 and Tarzan are trying to live in the perfect world. Key word being "live." Don't forget to do it.

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    Default Don S email is being hacked?

    Norm: You have same really strange shit going on at your forum website. My terms in our heated conversation was for you to tell me the truth, your readers that you deleted posts to incriminate me and not Flash. Plus a public apology from Flash. A sincere one. Not his blue ink BULLSHIT. In exchange, I would simply go away.

    My offer still stands. Fine. Have it your way. I will chase you to the ends of the earth in pursuit of the truth.

    Seems odd Don S emails getting hacked and T3 is the first responding with some kind of nonsense. I don't know why it was so important to Flash and his blue oyster cult that I put a drop box on my computer. Just in case Flash, according to KJ, who is just a RCH shy of being a criminal is up to something again? I bought another computer.

    You saying you don't know, never met, have no clue who Flash or T3 are after 20k posts on your forum is utter nonsense. Why? To reiterate, it's was Flash's list of emails whom he deemed worthy of his private knowledge, made it easy for me, to identify his cult. Of course, I realize you prefer to have that all swept under the rug. Whoops! Sorry about that.

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    I suppose Don pissed somebody off Moses? Perhaps it's Karma.

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