Israel Shells and Terror-Bombs Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)
Israel attacks Gaza with impunity, the world community silent about its aggression - complicit with its high crimes for failure to condemn them.
Washington supports them. Both countries partner in each other's wars, what I've explained many times before. They partner in imperial aggression.
On Saturday, following a rocket fired into Israel territory harming no one, and detonation of an explosive device on Gaza's border, injuring four Israeli soldiers, Israel indiscriminately shelled the Strip, killing two Palestinian children, wounding two others east of Rafah City - both victims unarmed, threatening no one, murdered in cold blood by naked aggression.
A Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance crew couldn't reach two wounded boys in time to save them. Obstructed by Israel, they bled to death, their bodies riddled with schrapnal.
Israel indiscriminately uses lethal force against defenseless Palestinians, including women and children - flagrant Fourth Geneva breaches, war crimes by any standard.
Separately overnight, Israel warplanes terror-bombed multiple Hamas sites, injuring two Palestinians, according to Gaza's health ministry.
The IDF reported 18 mostly Hamas sites struck - for incidents it had nothing to do with.
A Gazan Popular Resistance Committee called the IED explosion "a heroic act in response to the enemy's infiltration into the Gaza Strip."
An Islamic Jihad spokesman said "Gaza will not serve as picnic (grounds) for the forces of the enemy. The sons of Gaza will respond with rage to the Israeli aggression and the continuation of the siege."
An al-Qassam Brigades statement said "(w)ith the help of God and his success confronted the ground bandits of the enemy aircraft while agitating on a number of targets in the Gaza Strip."
Netanyahu called Saturday incidents "severe," suggesting further Israeli aggression to come.
Israeli media reported large numbers of IDF troops deployed near Gaza's border.
Does Israel intend more naked aggression against defenseless Gazan men, women and children?
Will it create a greater humanitarian crisis than already?
Will the world community remain silent, continuing to ignore Israeli atrocities?
In reporting on yesterday's incidents, the NYT failed to explain Israeli aggression, its illegal, suffocating, slow-motion genocidal blockade, its state-terror against defenseless Gazans, its flagrant Fourth Geneva violations.
The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and most other Western media ignored weekend Israeli aggression entirely - reporting nothing.