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    A local sports bar, The Fox, that I used to hangout at for going on 3 decades has now closed shop indefinitely. It sucks but that's how shit goes because I seen the writing on the wall before the news got announced. Business already sucked in this place and the only thing remotely even holding this place together was the poker degens that would frequent this pool hall and sports bar. This place depended heavily on the football crowd to help their revenues and knowing how there are many people boycotting the NFL in a Republican state, I'm not surprised they would fail. Local poker is now on the back burner as far as being able to play with people in person and meeting new people.

    The stupid fucking guy who ran the poker operation didn't help things out when he cut the field of players eligible for the money tournament by 33%, what an idiot! What a way to drive business off. This was the bar in which I had my last poker blow-up and told another poker player to go and fuck himself! No more local fun for now.

    On another note I lost my #1 neighborhood hangout for chillin, indefinitely. This 62 year old lady that I've known for a few years turned on me before 2017 ended and the witch tried to get me arrested. On the evening of December 19th we got into a big argument over how to make tea. I went Chef Ramsay on this old bat and she lost her goddamn mind when I called her a stupid woman in her own home. She kicked me out and mentioned that she was going to call the cops when I left her house but I didn't really believe her.

    About 30 minutes had passed and then I seen flash lights outside my door, I knew it was the cops. I knew I had to put on a good poker face for the cops and had to have a calm demeanor while I looked like a total degen or I was probably going to jail. This witch actually called the fucking cops on me! I was pissed off to learn of her total betrayal and backstabbing ways!

    This bitch tried to pull the young guy hit an old lady jedi mind trick card with the cops. She also told the cops that I had herb on a plate that belonged to me which I was trying to retrieve before she flipped it into the air. When the cops mentioned that to me, I responded by saying everything in her house belongs to her officer. I also had to explain to them that I would never hit an old lady and that she was lying. The cops bought my story and then served me with a No Tresspass on her property via her, I kindly returned the favor of a No Tresspass on her and that is when the cops discovered that she had 2 warrants on her when they ran her name. They arrested her instead of me. This bitch tried to get me arrested on some Trumped up charges which were outright lies and it totally backfired on her in ways that she could never imagine! I wish I could have seen the look on her face the moment the cuffs were getting put on her.
    She's been gone since the 19th of Dec and she is still in jail! The Dumb Bitch called the cops on herself! She tried to make trouble and I put it right back on her with a candle up her ass! It probably didn't help to make her look innocent that she has a sign outsider her front door that reads: "Danger Many Illegal Activities in This Household." It was wonderful to know that she spent Christmas, New Years Eve, & New Years Day in jail where she belongs. She was a lousy gin rummy player and I would constantly get on her ass for taking to long to make a decision. It kinda sucks that this happened because I had practiced playing cards in her house for years but I'll find another hangout.
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