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Thread: College Football - Is more, more, more really better?

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    Default College Football - Is more, more, more really better?

    Sometimes the answers are very simple. But too many analysts create a huge clusterfuck...and the reason is money. Who is making the lions share of money in college football? One thing for sure, unlike the NFL, it's not the players.

    You can't turn on the radio this time of year without endless discussion on fixing a playoff system by adding more teams which means more money, more games, more pressure etc etc. But what is in it for the players?

    Consider less is better. Look at college basketball vs NBA. 2 20 minutes halves vs 4 12 minutes quarters.

    The answer for the college football is in two cities. Boulder, Co and South Bend, Indiana. Colorado simply moves from the Pac 12 to the Big 12. Each team plays 10 games against each other. The champions play each other for a spot in the Final Four. This year would've pitted Oklahoma against USC. Bid was earned. Not by vote or committee.

    Notre Dame is already in the ACC in other sports. So Fighting Irish, you have a choice. Play for a National Championship or be independent. You don't get both. But we will meet you half way. Play all your ACC division foes once. That's 6 games. Schedule the remaining games as you wish. But you have to win your division to move on.

    Now, the winner of the SEC, Big 10, and ACC title games move on.

    Now you have 4 teams that earned their way. Play those two games a couple of days before Christmas. The National Championship game on New Years Day.

    These kids competing for 4 plus hours is bringing on far too many injuries. 18 to 21 year old bodies were not built for this, let alone the mind. Shorten the game to 12 minute quarters. A sudden death overtime quarter of 12 minutes with each team getting on possession.

    Play 11 games a year instead of 12. Season ends Thankgiving weekend. 3 months is long enough.

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    Hey Moses. The NCAA schools really reap big rewards knowing that they don't have to pay salaries to the athletes. These colleges are making a ton of cash, it's another pro sports league basically. In my opinion these colleges are raping their students on tuition and book expenses. Then these colleges are willing to pay insane amounts of money for these college coaches. It's not about the kids education so to say, it's all about making money and trying to win championships. Putting asses in the seats and selling merchandise is where these schools make their money.

    If the NCAA shortened the length of a football game or shortened the season that would equate to millions of dollars in revenues being lost. They are certainly not going to do that. These University's and colleges are greedy and they want more, more, more.
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