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Thread: I Found the Michael Morgenstern of Video Games

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    Default I Found the Michael Morgenstern of Video Games

    I found the Morgenstern of video games, at least one of them. This mother fucking punk ass cock-sucking mother fucker! This asshole is selling a list of very expensive games across a multitude of systems. This scumbag needs to be dealt with. I wonder how many people got took by this assholes scams.

    https://videogamereproductions.com/ Pug's Treasures ReproductionsPowered by Shopify

    It really pisses me off that this asshole is selling bootleg reproduction Sega games and he's NOT putting "reproduction" on the disc or case, besides for breaking copyright laws. I actually talked with this asshole via email and he mentioned that he didn't put "reproduction" on many of the games he sold in the beginning. His website and the vast majority of the repro games he's selling don't say "reproduction" other than Zero Gunner 2 for the Sega Dreamcast that I've seen.

    Here goes this assholes exact words,

    "all my games now say reproduction on them both cds and carts, I used to not put it on because I was very small, but I have grown and realize at the rate I'm selling them they could get confused with the real thing to uneducated buyers. I also mark my Sega Saturn Game cases and Spine cards with reproduction as well so they don't get confused with the real deal since all my Japanese games go in authentic looking cases with spines now, same goes for the PS2 games since they would look exactly like the PS2 boxes being they are all in standard cases now. I have just been so busy latley I haven't found the time to update my existing listings showing "reproduction" on everything."

    The cover art on many of the Sega Dreamcast games that this asshole is selling are are just printed covers/sleeves with no manual, also some of the games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 which I own you can tell that the disc art is all wrong from the original. On the spine where the title is located on the original it has an R with a circle around it after the word Marvel, as well as a circled R after Capcom in the title of the game located on the spine.
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