"Palladium prices broke through the $1,000-an-ounce barrier on Monday, with strong demand from the auto industry and investor bullishness pushing prices to their highest level since 2001.
The price of this precious metal is up almost 45% so far this year, making it one of the best performing assets in global markets.
On Monday, it was trading last at $980 a troy ounce.

As the price soars, though, analysts are becoming increasingly skeptical that it can hold those gain. Many predict falls of as much as 15% by the end of 2017.
Palladium, which is used in the catalytic converters on cars to sift out pollution, has gained more than 5% in the past week alone, pushed higher by strong auto-industry data out of China.

Palladium is used mainly in gas engines and platinum in diesel, a fuel which authorities around the world are increasingly saying they want to faze out. Platinum is up only 4% this year to date and currently trades at $939.30 a troy ounce."