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Thread: Casino Life vs Forum Rhetoric

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    Default Casino Life vs Forum Rhetoric

    In light of the recent shootings in Las Vegas, this might be a good time to discuss the reality of casino life.

    Ever lay on your back and watch the blades spin on a ceiling fan? It appears out of control until your focus on the blade.

    There are eyes all over the place in a casino. Not just the EITS and the pit. There is the criminal element as well.

    My simple rule is: Don't ever look for trouble in a casino. It will find you soon enough.

    Point is that stepping back to analyze a situation most likely gives you the advantage. For instance, you Wong In and the person playing verbalizes a suggestion that your are a counter. The immediate reaction is normal to "crown" that guy for having a big mouth. But if you think about it, he just opened the door for you to be his EITS. What goes around. Comes around. Patience is key. In other words, do you want to be the guy doing the watching or the guy being watched?

    People can really talk tough on a forum and behind a pen name. But in a casino, you never know who you are talking too. Be nice - Play nice. IF there is no other choice DO NOT do what you have to do under the EITS.

    Grammar and proper spelling are considerations for high praise or scrutiny on a forum. But don't confuse this with common sense and "street" language in a casino. Get In, Get Paid, Get Out is the best and quickest way to EV without the headaches. But sometimes you walk to relax and enjoy the "show." So you walk up to a bar, stand beside a lady and hear a question from the guy standing next to her. "Who is the Don Johnson motha fucka"? Probably not a good time to question his grammar or try one of those long "blue Flash" words you've noted on the forum.

    Translation: "Who is the white guy in bright colored shirt and why is he standing right next to the hooker when I'm negotiating a price"? You may think he is an opponent. Unlikely. You could walk away which could label you as a coward if others are watching. You could laugh but he might think you are laughing at him. Proper street response is to smile and ask "so where do you buy your shirts"? Chances are you've turned a negative expectation into a positive result. This is "life" variance.

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    Default Degenerates a Plenty in The Casino

    There is more to life than being in a casino. I'm glad that I do not spend the majority of my time in such a vile place. The thing that I've learned in any gambling establishment or card room is you don't take shit from anyone. If somebody gets an attitude then you reply, "Fuck you!" Or, "Fuck off asshole!" Sometimes it's fun to mess with and chit chat with the crew or the dealer. On the other hand I've seen some rude and lazy dealers and other pit personnel who are assholes and degenerates. Some of them would talk about cocaine right at the table, etc. 100% of the time house employees are the one's causing problems and rude with guests on initial contact, always.

    The people that I play with locally are the only group of card players that I can get to know on a more personal basis so to say. We play poker up there primarily but between games some people play spades and rummy who happen to get knocked out of a game. I met up a buddy up there who plays poker at this local club and he had been bringing his girlfriend so she could get a grasp on how to play the game of NLHE. It took her a few months but she is now out playing my buddy on a consistent basis that I've noticed, I think it's funny that she's turning out to be a better poker player than him. I think my buddy came to the realization that his girl is better than him so they have not been coming up there anymore. I'm just waiting to see them again so I can tell him that his girl had been outplaying his ass. That's why he hasn't been showing his face up there anymore.
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