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Thread: The Great Count DeHate

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    Default The Great Count DeHate

    The main problem with the count debate is there is no end. There cannot possibly be an end without a beginning. The answer is within each individual. But it's not difficult with a step by step process.

    Are you a thinker?

    A. Skipper's racquet costs $2 less than Pooch's racquet? What is the cost?

    B. Pooch's racquet costs $3 plus the cost of Callie's racquet. What is the cost?
    C. Callie's racquet costs $2 more than Holly's racquet. What is the cost?
    D. Holly's racquet costs $6

    Your ability to quickly solve these equations may well speak to your blackjack counting ability. There is nothing wrong with Hi Lo. The wrong is to discourage those capable of more by knowing the SCORE. Especially, with the tools available from Norm.

    The SCORE from a simulation is real great. However, the mission is to keep it “real” instead of great. A great SCORE reflects a game of cards played by people. Remember you are playing a game of people with cards. There is no greater tool to compare tag values than CV Data. So, rather than start from one and working your way up? Consider starting at the topand working your way back to your comfort level.

    Wong Halves offers the most streamlined approach because you only have to remember one number. If you can remember two, then Perfect Insurance is second in line. Now, you are working with a 994 BC, 565 PE and 1000 IC. In worst case scenario, if your lose the 2nd count, your IC is still 725. It may be possible to adjust the tag values to get a higher SCORE. But consider this your starting point as opposed to the end result. Most will tag variations will run about the same in a sim. But sometimes there is that one that stands out by 10%. A streamlined approach without the bottleneck is the way to the most efficient structure to YOUR game.

    Good engineers understand complex equations. Great engineers make complex equations simple again.
    Stanford Wong is the epitome of this statement with Wong Halves in relation to the effect of removal study by Peter Griffin.
    Don S is the epitome of this statement with the Sweet 16 and Fab 4.
    Norm is the epitome of the this statement with his software products.

    Casino tolerance is the primary consideration because EV is always $0 if you are not allowed to play. So when selecting the data for your sim, do not include an index that will get you kicked out, shuffled up on, or incur wrath from others at the table. Most realize betting strategy increases should not exceed casino tolerance. But few consider the frequency of bet increases will draw attention as well. A 10% frequency should keep you under the radar and still make a pitch game worthwhile. This is
    a key barometer when comparing tag values and systems. The beauty in CV Data is it shows you how to win without all the glitter. Don't forget to have fun!

    Casino Verite is a mirror as to how you perform at your game. Play the same way you play in a casino.

    The long run is about 59% probability after 10 hours or about 1000 hands; 75% probability after 100 hours or 10,000 hands. 94% after 500 hours 50,000 hands. 99% after 1000 hours 100,000 hands.

    So, in order for you to see yourself in the mirror, about 10K hands puts you in pretty good shape. A commitment of 10 hours per day and 100 hands per hour is far more prudent than grinding out lessons with your hard earned dollars. Two weeks and you've learned more about yourself and the game than most guys in 6 months of casino play.
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    For adding indices beyond the I18 focus more on the positive ones than the negative ones. That is where you will have your biggest bets out. The negative ones you should probably not even be playing when they occur and would certainly have a small bet out if you were still betting.
    T3 writes:

    Moses replies: Well said. Start with 14v10.

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    I made the mistake of opening some ignored posts just to see the idiot is maybe even dumber than he was when I put him on my ignore list. You have to be totally clueless and absolutely unteachable, or be trolling me all the time to make my ignore list.

    T3 writes ^:

    Moses replies ^: So how do I put some of those at Black Jack Trivial Fuckers on my ignore list?

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