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Thread: A Funny Blackjack Video...Blackjack 101

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    Some dude in a halloween costume here. If someone makes another Hi-Lo video I'm gonna jump off a building! This guy is a flipper. He showed his viewers a different way of counting than the traditional flipping method, I'll give him that.


    In this second video that I checked out regarding this dude he counts down a deck more than once! Holy shit! I can appreciate that. Getting that out of other blackjack players is like pulling fucking teeth! It's one and done. Many card counters turn a simple thing into a task and deny their viewers what they should be doing. This guy is able to riffle the cards with ease but he switches up with a bridge shuffle, why? Why use an inferior shuffling technique that leaves himself wide open, especially in a poker game. Casino standard! That bridge shuffle is fucking up his deck by bending and putting an unnecessary warp on the cards, reducing their longevity. Besides it is an amateurish way of going about it. Riffling is the way to go.

    I like the effort with this Blackjack player more than the others that I have seen in internet videos. I'll give this guy a thumbs up but he should lose the bird mask.

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