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    Default Biblioteca Pleyades

    Found a new website with some interesting stuff. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_tema.htm

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    Default Rips in Time - Philadelphia Experiment

    Real Results of PX
    Al Bielek, author of "The Philadelphia Experiment" Interviewed
    by Jeanne Guthrie

    Al Bielek in underground at Montauk Project

    Guthrie (LE): Tell us about the history of the Philadelphia Experiment. You and your brother, Duncan, were naval officers aboard the ship, the Eldridge, engaged in an experiment about invisibility. Then, what happened?

    Bielek: There were two tests, the first one on July 22nd, 1943. The hardware worked very well and they (the Navy) achieved invisibility from radar, sight and camera. The big problem was that the personnel stationed on the deck of the Eldridge were very badly hit by the high-powered, electromagnetic radiation. They were thoroughly disoriented. Their nervous systems dysfunctioned, and they became very ill.



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