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Thread: Something Beginners MUST Understand

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    Default Something Beginners MUST Understand

    Something you have to understand as a beginner is there are two things for a count to help you with, bet sizing and playing decisions. Plays are stronger when fewer decks are used but also playing deviations become more important as you spread less. SD and DD games generally don't tolerate a large spread. Both of these forces make playing deviations at least as important if not more important than bet sizing for SD and DD games. In shoe games more decks are used so plays are slightly weaker in general and a very large spread is generally tolerated at least for a while. That makes bet sizing far more important than in shoe games.

    If beginners understand the previous paragraph you would see that you have given up most of your advantage by not using index plays to know when to deviate from BS. Second, if you are playing tables with many other players, on a per round basis this doesn't affect the play-all player much. They eat the good cards and high count rounds so your advantage is cut severely when you finally see a high count.

    BJ is all about playing enough to have things average and EV grows linearly as rounds accumulate but SD grows by the square root of number of rounds played. So as you play more rounds the 1 SD point below EV keeps walking toward positive territory and eventually more positive territory. So at a crowded table ay DD you never get many rounds in before the shuffle which means results in the short term will seem pretty random even if you were using the proper playing deviations. Now it evens out per round for the play-all player because they also eat bad cards and negative expectation rounds. The logic doesn't transfer to actual play though. You should be avoiding bad counts by not playing so they can't eat cards for you in bad counts if you are not playing. But they don't leave to allow you to play good counts heads-up. Where crowding really hurts is game speed. You have a certain positive expectation per round but at a crowded table you might get in 60 rounds an hour compare to around 150 to 250 rounds per hour heads up. So basically your hourly playing heads up goes up by a factor of 3 or 4 compared to playing at a crowded table assuming that your EV per round is the same.

    Anyway beginners should expect to have blah results in pitch games if you use no indices. You have given up At least half the value of using a count in SD and DD by just using basic strategy as your playing strategy.

    Sorry for the post length but things need to be explained to beginners. Hopefully they could understand it.

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    Wow, first T3 post without mentioning side count or non-linear! Now can you post something for Advanced Ploppy?
    AP: Advanced Ploppy.

    After over 10000 BS bragging posts, it turns out that T3 doesn't even play BJ! What a damn joke, LOL!

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    Default Card Counters are Criminals!

    For what it's worth I went over to see a lady friend of mine last night, strictly platonic by the way. Anyways she had a bimbo friend of hers over as company and we started talking about card games. Soon enough we started talking about Blackjack and card counting and then all of a sudden she mentioned that card counters are criminals! I couldn't believe what came out of this ladies mouth, she was 47 years old. She thought of card counters as out right criminals! I tried explaining to this lady that card counting isn't breaking the law and it isn't illegal. She isn't a casino buff but I realized that the movie propaganda of "21" must have been believable to her. I could not believe it. It's hard to believe that there are still people out there who think card counting is illegal.
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