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    Default Moses sees the light!

    So Moses, who is not one of my favorite members of the BJ community has done some reading of this site recently and made some interesting remarks.

    I guess I should state my issues with Moses to start. In heated discussions on another (third) site, a while back, he made some comments that I took as threats of violence, which I didn't appreciate. I also am not fond of his basketball/sports coach analogies which I think often miss the mark. And finally, Moses plays single deck BJ in Reno. That's fine. BUT very few players in today's world have access to single deck, like Moses does, so almost anything he says, especially advice to other players, should come with some sort of disclaimer stating he plays games that few others have access to.

    OK so back on point. Moses has seen the light and has been challenging both this 3-person fraud and the self proclaimed master of Zen/Flasher person of late. In typical fashion what that earned him was a recent suspension from Norm "the free speech guy", as Norm once again stepped up to protect what he considers his best posters. (he should substitute most frequent posters).

    So here are some quotes from Moses concerning 3-fraud and Flasher:

    "But the more you and he post the more credibility lends to Zen Zone."

    "I had a week to read a lot of stuff. The things said about Norm appear to be spilled milk. But the things said about you are beginning to look spot on." Most everyone on these other forums that have issues with Norm are the result of a conflict with you.

    "Norm’s undying allegiance to you and Flash are admirable as best but suspect at least."

    Moses, the only thing I would qualify about your Norm quotes is that while you are correct that some of us who have issue with Norm, the real issue stems from 3's fraud and Flashers obnoxious condescending attitude, Norm injected himself when he chose sides....when he knew better. He knew 3-fraud was full of shit and intentionally misleading members.

    Norm's "undying allegiance" to 3-fraud and Flasher is not suspect at all. At this point and for a while now, Norm has had an agenda. Site the hopes that LCB will buy up his site for big dollars as they did Wizard's and Wong's sites. And he has completely sold out in that hope, continuing to support and provide a platform for an obvious and proven fraud and a condescending old fool living in the past, that thinks he is above everyone else.

    Congrats on seeing the light Moses!

    Disclaimer: I took the liberty of correcting two misspellings in Moses's quotes...other than that they are word for word.
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