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Thread: Problems Wizard of Odds and Wizard of Vegas websites

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    Default Problems Wizard of Odds and Wizard of Vegas websites

    Just wondering if anyone could get access to these sites at moment. Have been trying to do some browsing and research and there are apparent issues with site. It's approx. 9:21pm Sunday night CST where I am

    Both down? Says SQL error?

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    Wizard of Macau dot com is also likely under a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS)--had sporadic access a few days ago. Haightman believes that the Dodo's alter-ego, KJ, is responsible . You can get access to most of what you need via archive dot org.

    The Dodo recommends saving web pages to your local disk to preserve access to important resource files. M0rmon Watt-a-burger rightly believes that the Dodo downloads entire websites via Tor (using torify and wget).

    If someone has access to the paid area of BBTF, the Dodo would be very appreciative to receive help getting access to certain message threads connected to a certain poser over there. (And if you do help, you will learn, in due course, lots about how persons associated with the Dodo make money with 6:5 blackjack.) Please contact him as indicated at the end of the thread at: http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/...en-Uston/page3
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