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Thread: Antifa Protestors Ran Over in Charlottesville

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    Default Antifa Protestors Ran Over in Charlottesville

    Crazy shit going on in Virginia. A car plows into Antifa protestors. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1d8_1502562567

    A drone over watching yesterdays incident. https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/8...942402/video/1 The first report was that of a minivan plowing into people, however the initial report didn't state that the Charger was the vehicle that really caused the accident.

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    Default Police Have Identified and Arrested the Suspected Driver in Charlottesville Tragedy

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    Default Charlottesville driver... Antifa member and Hillary supporter? Die hard Democrat.

    It appears that the accused driver in Charlottesville is a potential Hillary supporter and Antifa member. Democrats killing Democrats my god.


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    Not so fast Blitz. Have a look at this before you pass judgment.



    hony Corporate Outrage Over Charlottesville
    by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)
    Wall Street giants and other corporate predators are key parts of America's deep state.
    They benefit hugely from extrajudicial practices, ripping off consumers, defrauding them, underpaying workers, busting and weakening unions, co-opting their bosses, poisoning the earth, selling harmful to health products, and war-profiteering, among other deplorable practices.
    They made capitalism a dirty word, profiting at the expense of the public welfare. Wall Street, IBM, and industrial firms did business with Germany during the Nazi era. Henry Ford was Hitler's favorite US industrialist.
    Corporate America supports all US wars of aggression. They helped provoke Cold War with Russia.
    Morality and corporatism are world's apart, the latter part of what fascism is all about, a merger of state and corporate power, more virulent today than ever, given the power of business monopolies and oligopolies to rule the world.
    The New York Times disgracefully hailed what's nonexistent - "the moral voice of corporate America," saying:
    In the wake of Charlottesville violence, "a chorus of business leaders rose up this past week to condemn hate groups and espouse tolerance and inclusion" - polar opposite their business practices, exploiting the earth, communities and people for maximum profits, the only morality they know.
    Lofty CEO rhetoric runs counter to what they support and practice, some of them joining the anti-Trump chorus for the wrong reasons.
    They're with him on regulatory freedom, tax cuts for the rich, and other business-friendly policies, against him for image-building, pretending to be against right-wing extremism in Charlottesville while running their businesses like privatized tyrannies.
    Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz lied, claiming "(n)ot every business decision is an economic one." Bottom line priorities factor into everything important. It's how big business gets bigger - the more rapacious, they more they expand, grow and prosper.
    It goes with the territory, far different from small business like the family one I was involved with through most of my formal working life.
    We found a way to be profitable by providing beneficial public service - helping people, not ripping them off or otherwise exploiting them.
    We observed rules predator giants ignore. In the late 1950s, Wharton didn't teach me to be a crook.
    The Times: "(M)any big companies…pulled out of" apartheid South Africa.
    Fact: The same ones do business with apartheid Israel, exploiting Palestinians viciously. They operate in despotic monarchies.
    Milton Friedman once said "the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits." Anything goes is OK. They take full advantage, why giants consolidated to behemoth size, dominating industries, creating oligopolies and monopolies.
    When CEOs say Black lives matter, they mean to exploit with poverty wages and poor or no benefits, largely in rotten part-time or temp jobs - millions of high-pay good ones offshored to low wage countries.
    No one in America and most other societies become CEOs and other top corporate officials by being good guys.
    They rise in prominence and power at the expense of others, serving bottom line interests, no others except on their own in their private non-business lives.
    The corporate exodus from Trump's business advisory councils was an exercise in duplicity - criticizing his comments on Charlottesville unfairly, running their business operations like tyrants, money-making their sole concern, whatever it takes to accomplish corporate objectives, including maximum expansion by mergers and acquisitions, along with eliminating competition.
    Big business is inherently immoral and unethical, circumventing rules for maximum gains, taking full advantage of workers, customers, communities and planet earth.
    The bigger they get, the more irresponsible they become because super-size lets them get away with almost anything - partnered with Washington's bipartisan criminal class.

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    That shit up in Charlottesville was weak! Only 1 KIA. I thought both sides in Charlottesville really hated each other, I guess not that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg View Post
    That shit up in Charlottesville was weak! Only 1 KIA. I thought both sides in Charlottesville really hated each other, I guess not that much.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Svengarlicky View Post
    More Soros supported shitheads! Antifa should protest the Federal Reserve among other things, bunch of fucking cowards! If these leftist want a fight, they'll get one they won't see coming! The Left Coast can be defeated and it begins by sending all of those goddamn illegals back home!

    The NWO really wants to ramp up their plans for America. These Commies want to deface America and turn it into a Communist wasteland, a failed state. There probably will be another revolution in America in the near future and when it does start I'll be ready. It's already in motion with the historical monuments being taken down across many cities around the country. Once a nation loses it's identity and it's cultural history via propaganda anything can happen. With the mainstream media pushing racial division in this country on a daily basis all the Fed needs to do it pull the plug on the system and let the politicos take the people to war. Ding, ding.
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