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Thread: Justin Flynn BJ INNOVATOR?? -video

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    Default Justin Flynn BJ INNOVATOR?? -video

    It looks like this guy may want to give M&M some competition on the whole Blackjack videos thing.
    He talks to much. Piss poor shuffling technique, absolutely horrible.
    This guy would be a huge mark in any poker game. A total fish out of water.

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    I'm glad you uploaded this video DD. While he did little to give life to those Bicycles, he seems light years ahead of M&M of which I like. With a little work on some of his mechanics this Justin guy could possibly be a demon. However he has some bad habits as a card player in general that he must break and relearn in a new manner. Any serious card player would wreck this Justin guy over a friendly game in any card game, picking off his procedural mistakes as a dealer would be fairly easy.

    This Justin guy is also a flipper. He shares a similarity, a trait, with the guy in this vid... https://www.blackjackinfo.com/commun...u-count.55617/, as well as with many others. I am convinced that there are several distinct types of Blackjack players when it comes to counting cards and it's interesting to see how everyone has their own way of going about it.

    At 30:39 in the video Justin lets out a big sigh, and feels as if his shuffling technique is less than spectacular. See, he knows. He knows that he did not give justice to those Bicycles and his attempt was embarrassing. It should bug him that he shuffled like a chump on camera. I wanted to see more of his card playing and was let down.

    What would really be interesting would be to see somebody making a video about card counting, other than the Hi/Lo card counting technique.
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    This guy really likes to hear himself talk, but he really has nothing of value to say. Another wannabe "expert".

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopGunWon View Post
    This guy really likes to hear himself talk, but he really has nothing of value to say. Another wannabe "expert".
    He does like to talk a lot. Too much I think. The manner in which he counts down a deck of cards is an old, antiquated, slow, and outdated way of going about it. It's like watching someone struggle with a pick ax and a shovel vs. moving at jet engine speed.

    A big question everyone should be asking themselves is why isn't there anyone counting down double decks or 6 decks of cards on the internet, in videos? One reason is because a single deck is just faster to work with, there are less cards. But wouldn't it be funny and a bore at the same time to watch someone count down 6 decks? Especially a flipper. Imagine if a flipper counted down 6 decks of cards flipping all of them one at a time, what a waste of time and energy besides for all of the excuses the card counter would come up with when given the task. Now imagine if you told that card counter who counted down 6 decks flipping them one card at a time to do it 5 to 6 more times after he/she finishes the first time. Then you would hear crying and bitching! No card counter should ever flip cards in my opinion, that's pure pick ax and shovel mentality. Besides for being SLOW. It would be funny to watch a card counter tire out due to fatigue by flipping 6 decks of cards multiple times over and over again. I'd like to see a noticeable slow down in their motor function when they begin to tire down. Card counting flippers must learn to transcend from flipper, to reader.

    Imagine if you had a crew of players and you wanted to check one of your players to see if he was proficient at counting down 6 decks of cards, the leader shouldn't have his team member flip the cards as that wastes time and only makes the player reach fatigue at a faster pace so that only excuses are heard.
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    Default Another Flipper

    Yet another flipper. https://youtu.be/Ylrro1UcjHk

    This is another example of an old technique still widely in use. Archaic.

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    Default 6 Decks

    As long as card counting has been around I cannot find one video on the internet where a card counter is demonstrating a 6 Deck countdown. This is what I found instead. I know that voice. https://youtu.be/xMXQUAxSB5o
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    Default You Call This a Speed Test?

    Not me. Another flipper. https://youtu.be/4rpjxzjDjZQ

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    Default JSTAT's a Flipper!

    https://youtu.be/Uak4dNeMpT4. I noticed the Jumbo Index instead of the traditional standard index.

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    Default Flipper the Dolphin

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    Default How about this card "flipping" test?


    Hmmm....apparently my limited knowledge of posting a youtube video is lacking?


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