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Thread: Justin Flynn BJ INNOVATOR?? -video

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJOK View Post

    Hmmm....apparently my limited knowledge of posting a youtube video is lacking?

    Maybe soon we'll see a 6 deck flipper. The needle is staying sharp. I was thinking the other day about getting some custom decks made so I don't have to read upside down indexes backwards anymore. Instead of the traditional NW to SE placement of the index on the cards, I would like decks with NE to SW index placement which would suit me better.

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    Default Another Flipper

    This Flipper starts out with a little over hand shuffle long ways with the cards, not my preferred method when doing that type of shuffle but anyways. He gets a peek at the bottom card from the beginning of his count and calls it out at the end like he guessed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWmu3dy5ca4

    Gotta do better than that Level 1 Flipper. Always Hi-Lo.
    This kid is only using 1 counting strategy, hi-lo. I can demonstrate at least 4-5 level 1 counting strategies, along with a level 3 strategy, then cycle through them randomly at will and still beat this kid.
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    Default A Blackjack Innovator sighting!!!

    We got a Blackjack Innovator sighting on Dustin's video regarding the authenticity of Morgenstern. "Your videos are getting better and better. I promise to supplement your channel with a video that you would kill for some day soon." Blackjack Innovator Justin Flynn1 week ago
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    Default This Dustin Guy

    Whoever this Dustin guy is flaming Morgenstern, he's way late to the party but I appreciate his effort. Morgensterns been getting beat up on the ZenZone since day 1 by yours truly who quickly called M&M out as a fake. Now we do know that the leadership here at the ZenZone altered and deleted some of my content and threads flaming Morgenstern. Somehow I think Norman Wattenberger or some of his comrades may be connected to this Dustin guy.

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    Default Justin Flynn, Blackjack Innovator... "Visions" For All the Haters

    In his video Justin demonstrates his "Visions" for all the haters out there who may have said that he faked it or whatever. Here we go...


    I could help this guy save time and make him much faster than what he is today. Guaranteed.

    In the comments section you can see that M&M has chimed in. Justin was real close on his second chance.
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    Default How to Play Blackjack

    When he starts to deal the 6 deck shoe after his, "how to play the game explanation," it would have been nice had he sped the game up without explanations and stated the RC after rounds. It would have also been nice if he would "hide" the double down card instead of exposing it, so as to make it a bit more difficult for the viewers at home, maybe it would throw some people off. He starts to play the 6 deck shoe at 18:43 in the video. He doesn't check for the blackjack on the first hand that he deals himself, he deals himself an up card 10 starting out.

    At 21:43 in the video he states he's going to speed up the game but when he gets a 10 showing for the dealer up card, he fails to check for the blackjack, again. When he's playing the game as the dealer and dealing the game out he should place all of the dealers cards face down, then flip the first card he dealt to himself as the dealer up card once he has dealt 2 cards to every player.

    Other than that I felt like he did not speed the game up fast enough when he said he was going to do it. Not to the speed that I thought and not what I am accustomed to dealing, playing, and counting myself when practicing at home manually, with cards. I expected more speed from this young fellow. I wanted to see more fluidity, crisp, and faster decision making and handling of the game. He has no physical disabilities that I can see or that he has stated.

    I would like to give him some feedback but I'm not signing up with youtube in order to do it. The front porch looks nice. It seems from the comments section in Justins video that he met and played with M&M in Georgia. Justin describes his meeting with M&M.

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    Default Positive remarks about Justin's... How to Play BJ video

    Watching his "How to Play Blackjack" video I liked a few things. The first was that the video quality was good for a blackjack video. He must be using a fairly modern camera/recorder that can handle the frames. The lighting was good and there was no glare on the cards, they were easy to read when he dealt them. In several of M&M's videos the light is way to bright and the glare from the light is horrible when reflected off of the cards.


    In his next video when he's doing the dealing and making the playing decisions from both perspectives, I would like to see him correct a few procedural mistakes and make the game run smoother for his viewers. Instead of talking about basic strategy so much on each particular hand he should just play it out and focus on other elements of the game. Instead of placing 6 decks in a shoe it would be easier and faster to just leave them out and grab decks as needed to speed things up, but stack them in the discard tray.

    He's got a good felt, camera, and cards. There is no reason to be all formal and shit by using a BJ shoe if it's gonna slow things up when he's not even following proper dealing procedure on basic elements of the game, such as burning a card or checking for the BJ when the dealer shows a 10, and doubling down placement of the card from the dealers perspective.
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    Default A Reference to the ZenZone in Justins Comments Section

    This Spyros Acebos trouble maker whoever he is has given reference to the ZenZone in the comments section in one of Justins' videos. I'm glad he did. Let's see if either one of them has the stones to come here to the ZenZone and we can have a discussion. We all seen how Michael Morgenstern arrived here, and how abruptly he left. He didn't get banned from the ZenZone, Morgenstern walked out and couldn't take the ZenZone heat! Over at Norman Wattenberger's, Blackjack The Forum website, Morgenstern got banned. Not here, I made him quit!!! That's how I handle a carpetbagging salesman soliciting his wares when the salesman doesn't even know his own shit!

    Damn, I didn't know we had a fan to the site out there who is trying to steer Justin this way. I hope this Spyros dude gave'em the web address and I hope the both of them have read this thread. Maybe the both of them will learn something in doing so by reading some of the criticisms here so that they can become a better person.

    All those assholes on Justin's channel all say great job and shit like that. They are all liars! Full of shit! Those types of players are the type that will say everything is fine when they know the opposite is true. Oh wait, they don't know when something may be wrong. Those assholes in the comments section are not card players who can spot something wrong and then give a guy a few pointers on how he can improve. They all tell him what he wants to hear, not what he needs to hear. They are chumps! Spyros Acebos is a fucking chump! Fuck off flea! Fucking degenerate!!! Grow some balls you fucking coward!

    Somehow I don't think Justin is aware of this forum due to the way the comment was worded on Justin's page. He's getting criticism from other people who are directly messaging him on youtube via private email. I am not the bad guy. Voyeurs such as Spyros Acebos who are perving this website and thread need to understand that.

    Spyros Acebos1 month ago (edited)

    JF, if you are posting this video due to irritation by a thread over at a certain blackjack forum, which website is more concerned with the promotion of political conspiracies, let it pass. Do not stress out over the posts made over there!Only 5 or so active forum-based websites with main focus on blackjack and card counting, and after checking, the only criticism I found that was directed toward you was on the one I suggested above. So, as I had suggested, forgetaboutit!

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    Default Justins Live Stream... Morgenstern Trolls Gets Destroyed

    Earlier this evening I happened to see that Justin was doing a live stream on his channel. I have to say that the audio and video wasn't as good as previous videos that he's done. It was horrible tonight. He should cut out the live stream chat because he wasn't staying focused on topics he was discussing and he seemed more interested in reading the live chat comments. Cut out the distractions. bhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns-gjDZPjGA

    Morgenstern happened to be trolling Justin's live stream with relentless comments, trying to persuade Justin to give him a phone call, saying shit like we had a beer together. It was funny to see the other viewers beating up on Morgenstern and calling him a phony and a fake. I could tell Morgenstern was getting frustrated and the anger was starting to build.

    Morgenstern happened to put out another loony video "after" he got beat up on Justin's channel. M&M seemed real drunk tonight, he also seemed like he was real upset with the way he got treated on Justin's live stream chat. This Jackass destroyed some of his blackjack equipment tonight! What a fucking loser! He's destroying his equipment because he has no use for it and he knows he is a fake. He got dissed during Justin's live stream so he's taking it out on his blackjack equipment. What a little bitch! Morgenstern is a perfect example of a fucking degenerate! It's over for M&M!

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    Default Blackjack with Justin Last Night

    Last night Justin ran a live stream on some blackjack and it seems as if someone may have steered him to this thread. I'm glad. He mentioned that someone is referring to him as a "card flipper," I'll admit to that since someone doesn't mind putting me on the spot. I'm faster and have a better method but Justin can do whatever he wants to do. Flipping cards is fine but it is a bad habit for a blackjack player to have in my opinion when practicing with cards.

    Last night I sat in and played along with him as the training was already in progress. I didn't realize in the beginning of his new live stream that he had lighting issues, I expected cards to be in the air within one minute of beginning the video. I would have figured that he would have fixed the technical difficulties such as the lighting issues and camera angle. He should have been more prepared and ready to play some blackjack. That's a ton of card playing time wasted! 40+ minutes of talking. More playing, less talking.

    What I did happen to see of his training video wasn't to bad when I joined the livestream because he fixed his initial problems, I did give him some pointers that I hope he works on so he can become a better player. When he's dealing out the cards he needs to play the game and stop stressing about basic strategy so much when it's an obvious decision for the viewers at home using the Hi-Lo counting technique, it slows the game up tremendously and were talking about level 1 here. The fans and following that he's trying to attract should be past the basic strategy part, he should figure that they already know that part of the game, he needs to speed the game up. That will allow his live stream and game to run smoother and faster.

    I mentioned that he should learn to riffle shuffle. It would make his performance seem more professional. He's using Bicycle cards and he could learn a lot about card playing by doing so. Paper, air-cushioned cards such as Bicycles are easy to handle, although plastic has a smooth feel to. I noticed he had a 10 of diamonds jumbo red card mixed in with a deck of standard index cards because he must have lost a card, and pulled one from another deck. Don't be cheap, get a new deck which will handle smoother and the indexes will be uniform.

    The way he places the double down card for a particular player hand is like the player taking a hit! Don't do that! He's an engineer and the double down card gets placed face down, usually at a 90 degree angle but does it really matter as long as it's put face down? He needs to remember that. He needs to learn from his mistake.

    When he begins to put a single or double deck into play he should deal out the deck to completion without a lot of interruptions, which will allow him to keep the game going at a nice, smooth pace. That's an important point I have to stress, keep the game moving. Speed.


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    Default That Arrogant Prick is Trying to Silence Me

    Today I posted a message on Justin's youtube channel regarding his latest livestream and he made it to where people cannot read and see my comment. What an arrogant prick!!! He acts like the majority of the card players, gamblers, and gamers that I cross paths with. He actually tried to hide my chat last night to the point where other viewers couldn't read it but he must have had a change of heart and let me comment.

    I suppose Justin couldn't take my criticisms on his game. Boy would he really hate me in person if we ever met. But of course he met and had a few beers and played with Michael Morgenstern when he went to Atlanta.
    I was just tying to help the guy out and this is the thanks I get.

    Justin uses hi-lo, since I don't use hi-lo I had to meet him at the counting technique that he uses so I could participate in his Kum ba Yah Blackjack play along. I rarely practice with hi-lo and I could still keep up with him every step of the way even when he did his single deck speed countdown by flipping the cards one at a time although I did mess up one time, off by one. It's difficult when someone else controls the tempo and manner (flipping cards) in which a deck gets counted down because we all have our own rhythm and way of going about it manually. I don't use hi-lo and I NEVER flip cards anymore when I count down a deck of cards and it didn't stop me from getting on Justin's level on the turn of a dime.
    I like a challenge.

    If I had his video equipment and if it was me in that livestream you guys would see a demon with the cards! A complete 180° from what you see with Justin Flynn although I would not be dressed to the 9's, my mechanics and card handling ability would be a lot sharper. No bullshitting and wasting time, that I would promise!!! Some of his viewers would probably be asking me to slow the fuck down because they cannot keep up!!! Out of the 13-15 or so viewers that he had, I would probably leave at least half of them in the dust if not more.

    One thing that pisses me off about poker players and it seems blackjack players is that they cannot "stay in character" and give me the game I would give them, a serious one. Much disappointment.

    He needs to stop talking about the goddamn NFL protests in his livestreams, Fuck the NFL! We're not worried about the goddamn NFL when the viewers are tuning into you!!! The only thing on his mind should be Blackjack!!!

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    Default Flynn being the Dealer for Tonight's Livestream

    If you want to dress up like a dealer than act like a dealer!!! Keep the game moving and fix your shortcomings dealer!!! Learn how to shuffle properly!!! I'm tired of the slow game he has been giving his viewers. Step it up a notch Blackjack Innovator and get the lead out!!! Pull your head out of your ass!!! Long haired hippy! We like the challenge.

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    Default Late to the Party and Not Playing With a Full Deck

    Last night Justin was late to his own party and he was NOT playing with a full 4 decks. I counted the 4 decks up using UAPC instead of Hi/Lo. My count ended at a -3 when all the cards were dealt which would have meant that the last unknown card had it been a full deck would have been a 5, but Justin showed an 8. I know I do make counting errors but I didn't believe I was wrong, I'm not second guessing myself. According to tag values with UAPC the 8 is a +1 which would have brought my count to -2 after seeing the unknown 8, meaning there was a card missing. The missing card had to have been a 3, 4, or 6 which would have zeroed out the deck using a balanced counting technique like UAPC. The unknown 8 that he showed with the missing 3, 4, or 6 totaled a +3 so I was correct and the count was at -3 before he flipped over the 8. Justin has to check his equipment out before he puts decks into play and make sure it is all there.

    I would like him to speed up his play and place his double downs, face down.


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    Default Feedback... It's Not Okay to be Wrong!!!

    When it comes to offering feedback to Justin's game... Other than being late and missing a hit time, not knowing he was playing with a short 4 decks and admitting to it later to the audience, forgetting the count during the 2nd deck of a 4 deck game (25:29), slow dealing, saying a player hand busted when the hand did not bust (23:42 1st base), not checking for the ace when the dealer has a 10 showing, and not placing the players double down card face down in order to kick some fleas (card counters) off his game as the dealer. These are some areas of his Blackjack game that I would say that he needs to work on.

    It seems like he needs a lot more practice when it comes to being the dealer while making the players decisions and counting the cards. He should be rocking that Hi/Lo level 1 count with Mike Aponte speed. What do you guys think? I would like to hear what a long time blackjack player thinks, someone who's been playing the game for decades. Analysis? ​Once a week isn't going to cut it. What else can Justin do to improve his Blackjack game?

    Justin, that -1 on the 4 deck recount is the missing 3, 4, or 6 if your reading this because Hi/Lo players don't account for a 7. Lastly, Hi/Lo players definitely don't account for the last card 8 you pulled out of the 4 decks.

    I know I nailed that 4 deck the first time when I said the last card was a 5, had there been a full 4 decks I would have been proven correct but a card was missing. I ended my count with a -3 and a 5 is a +3 in UAPC, since the 8 was the last card, that put my count at -2 to account for it because an 8 is a +1 in UAPC, so the missing card is either a 3, 4, or 6 and that is it. I got it right!
    Trust in thy count.

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    So tell me is this Justin Flynn character selling/marketing something or just enjoys the attention of putting on a youtube "show"?

    I am recovering from surgery and admittedly am a bit cranky and I just don't feel like sitting through his videos....so just tell me....what is his angle....what is he selling? (that seems to have you so riled up )

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