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Thread: Cell Phone Use at WSOP Main Event Creates a Conundrum

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    Default Cell Phone Use at WSOP Main Event Creates a Conundrum

    I heard about this around the start of the 2017 Main Event where an argument began over a player with his head up his ass, texting on his cell phone while at the table. Personally I cannot stand mother fuckers on their cell phones holding up the goddamn game while they make everyone else wait on their sorry asses. The colored dude who got called a nigger should have offered to go outside to fight it out. They made him sit out a round.

    "Day 1B of the World Series of Poker had a classic moment, but it also had its share of fireworks. During Sunday’s main event, texting at the table sparked a heated altercation between Tony Bracy and Lazaro Hernandez. It seems absurd for anyone to be on their phone in a casino setting — much less the World Series of Poker — but Bracy noticed that Hernandez was texting and asked the dealer to control his table.That request apparently set Hernandez off. He jumped to his feet and screaming at Bracy. According to Bracy, racial slurs were used in the tirade.Picking up from ESPN’s interview, Bracy said:"

    "The guy just loses his mind. He said, “Talk to me like a man.” He doesn’t know what the hell… the next thing we know, he says “let’s go outside,” uses the N-word, and all this other crap.… so, once I said something, it escalated, he said let’s go outside and fight, I called him fat, and [told him to go] eat a Twinkie. Of course I ain’t going to keep my mouth shut."

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