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Thread: More Wattenberger Hypocrisy?

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    Default More Wattenberger Hypocrisy?

    Drunk Banker gets Physically Beaten, Sues Cosmopolitan and gets awarded $160 Million

    > https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/...-160m-verdict/
    This is an older story that I didn't hear about until I seen that Norman had it up on his site in the news section. It appears that this beating has hit a nerve and irked Donald Schlesinger according to his response at Norman's site. I never would have imagined that Don would wish death upon anyone, let alone casino employees. Then Norman lets him get away with such words without discipline. Way to set the example Norman, NOT! I wonder if the guy who got assaulted was a personal friend of Don's?
    Either way it seems like the ex hedge fund manager, Moradi, was out of line and more than likely drunk when he got his ass dusted up for acting like an animal at some disco tech... the Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas. That's what he gets for behaving like a rabid dog, bringing casino heat on his ass by being an ass. What was the guy thinking? Moradi deserves to get his ass whooped for head-butting a nightclub general manager when he has liquid courage in him. Maybe Moradi needs a baby sitter to take care of him when he consumes alcoholic beverages in public so he does not cause anymore trouble. I'm sure Moradi will enjoy his corporate welfare.

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    According to the article Moradi was earning $11 million a year as a hedge fund manager, quite a sum. Knowing he was making that much one would have to figure if he is the type of person who would taxi to Las Vegas by private jet round trip, or would he take a regular commercial airliner sitting first class/business elite. After the beating and once his trip concluded he likely took a waltz of shame through McCarran International Airport wearing a big hat and dark shades on to conceal his humiliation.

    When they load an airplane they begin with first class/business elite first. Someone like Moradi who earned $11 million a year in the past doesn't strike me as someone who would sit coach on an airplane. So if he didn't fly by private jet that means he got loaded onto the plane first. Which means all of the other passengers would have walked past a beaten up Moradi who either didn't cover up his beating, or the passengers glimpsed a man with a hat on, shades, and possibly a newspaper covering up his face as the rest of the passengers boarded the plane. How humiliating! Hahaha.

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    Default The Enemy of my Enemy is NOT my Friend.

    What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, it comes home with your ass! Since Norman and Donald are buddies/friends... anytime something goes awry with one of their cohorts while on casino property, it's good. Especially knowing that this guy may have been under Don's personal tutelage.

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