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Thread: O' Brother Katz, Where Art Thou?

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    Default O' Brother Katz, Where Art Thou?

    Ready to rumble!
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    Two myths at the table LOL

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    Default Where is Mr. Katz?

    Mr. Katz, where are you?
    After over 10000 BS bragging posts, it turns out that T3 doesn't even play BJ! What a damn joke, LOL!
    T3 is no threat to any casino because he spends most of his time bragging on BTF.
    T3: Talk The Talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fat_bumblebee View Post
    Mr. Katz, where are you?
    Mr. Katz had indicated to the Dodo earlier this year that he was considering ending his participation here. Alas, this may have come to pass

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    I was wondering if Katz was going to throw in the towel. I kinda miss seeing him around here but it is what it is. For the reasons why he left, I don't have the faintest idea. The ZenZoneForum has absolutely NO time for quitters and forum jumpers who want to wander the desert for 40 years.

    Perhaps Mr. Katz has seen the light and has changed his ways.
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    Default Katz

    Another long time friend riding into the sunset.

    "Midwest Masters Of Advantage", "Strength and Honor."

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