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Thread: natural opiod

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    Default Lactuca virosa aka Wild Lettuce

    I've seen similar looking wild plants growing in my yard, just don't know what they are because I usually mow over them. You can tell it's definitely not a dandelion but the way the plant develops seeds, it's similar to a dandelion. Both plants share the same scientific order, family, and tribe.


    Wild lettuce trip reports“My first successful time with “wild lettuce opium” I took 8 large hits, and held them in for a good thirty seconds, then lay down on my couch. Nothing happened for about 3- 5 minutes and I wasn’t really expecting much anyway. Then a very comfortable, tingling warmth settled over my body and I was deliciously relaxed for about 2 hours.Also, my mind seemed to move in a gentle flow rather than racing in circles. After the two hours I went to bed. I slept well and had vivid dreams. They weren’t particularly meaningful dreams, but they were satisfying.– Excerpt from Sprout’s wild lettuce trip report“Later, when I was sure I was feeling completely normal, I smoked it in a homemade pipe. I had not used any other drugs or medications for several weeks. I really didnt expect anything to happen with such a small dose. I was wrong, however, and soon after taking the few hits available, I felt an unmistakeable opium like high. Mild, but definately there.Euphoria, well being, comfort with myself, enhanced colours. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It even had a sweet taste, somewhat similar to opium. I will begin collecting more of the substance soon. A good method of collecting the resin would be useful, as it’s a bit sticky and hard to work with. It’s not as good as real opium or marijuana, but it’s free and legal, and the stuff grows everywhere. ”
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    Default 1st image Lactuca Virosa, 2nd image Taraxacum officinale, the common dandelion

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