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    Default Switch

    I seen this checking out a magic website. http://www.ellusionist.com/the-s3itch-project.html


    L&L Switch V1 Welcome to the concept of Lapless lapping. Whilst standing you're able to switch a card from the table in the casual motion of picking up the card. You'll want to start performing this instantly!

    L&L Switch V2 Apply this variation to L&L v1 and you'll arm yourself with a top-change-esque move that flies under the radar with your spectators.

    SandSwitch By far the most convincing switch of a sandwiched card. This is the one move the mystery card plot has been missing.

    Stalone The ability to switch a folded card on the table and then show your hands completely empty. Forget lapping.

    Up and Under A devious subtlety that opens up a myriad of different ideas, this switch allows you to change a card in full view clipped under your belt.


    Muck:Shun The master of the muck is back. A staple in the gambling world, this is a classic tabled-switch taken from the real world of cheating.

    Push A powerful push of a folded card towards your spectator is all you need to switch out the card. Simple, direct & deceptive.

    Turnover Flip an up-turned card face-down from the top of the deck and hand it to the spectator. In that action the card is replaced allowing you to produce it from anywhere before they even know the trick has begun.

    545 A compact switch of 5 random cards for a winning Royal flush, in the simple action of displaying and turning the cards over on top of the deck.

    Card Switch One A dual action throw that disguises the moment of the switch behind a casual replacement on the table. We know how it's done and we still can't see it. Can you?


    Acapelo V2 A fluid masterpiece that's as motivated as it is fooling. To the spectator the card never leaves their sight and is switched out during a sandwich routine.

    Athens Mistaken for a T. Nelson Down's change, Athens is as mechanically satisfying as it is deceptive. This single card substitution allows you to switch a face up card as you're placing it into your spectators hands.

    Pocket Switch An added piece of theory to make card-to-pocket more impossible. The dirtiest part of card to pocket is going to that pocket with a 'dirty' hand. With this addition, the spectator sees the card in your pocket before they've even signed their selection.

    Half Moon A casual, but fair switch designed specifically for card-to-mouth routines. They choose where to put their card in the fan, but it's in your mouth before it's been squared into the pack.

    Bonus: Geraint gives tuition on how to perform card-to-mouth correctly based on years of performance experience to large groups. This is how you get away with it EVERY time.

    Tornado Adding a flare to the classic deal switch from Marlo, Geraint shows you how to swap the selection during a spin.
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    Default Moves by Daniel Madison... Become the Ultimate Card Cheat


    Moves is a collection of 26 sleight-of-hand techniques with a deck of playing cards, taken directly from my personal arsenal of those that I love the most.

    The thing I love about the general art of deceptive practices, is the execution of ‘Moves’ - particularly difficult and unusual ones.

    This obsession has lead me to discover, create and develop techniques that apply to the rules of deception and magic by appearing invisible to the witness, but then also applying to what I love by appearing and feeling beautiful when executed… these are moves that are as much a pleasure to execute in practice as they are to achieve within close-up deceptions for onlookers.

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    Default Infinity deck

    This guy has some smooth moves. I love the eye with the Infinity symbol in it. http://www.ellusionist.com/infinity-playing-cards.html

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