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Thread: Cashing in the nightly tournament

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    Default Cashing in the nightly tournament

    I managed to hit a cash on my latest shin dig to the casino about a week ago while playing a nightly deepstack tournament. It was a small tournament, 72 players in all starting with 12K, $60 buy-in. Even though I missed a few hands earlier in the game that I could have won I still managed to work my way to the final table as the short stack. As they assigned seating to the final table they put me in seat 3 with the antes at 1K and the small & big blind at 3K & 6K respectively. The poker hosts assigned the two biggest stacks seats 1 & 2 which were both to my immediate right.

    On my second hand on the final table I was all-in due to being in the big blind & ante and I looked down at 2,3 diamond suited. I had exactly 7K remaining, enough to place my ante and my big blind. When the action came around to the player who was on the button she raised to 12K (she was 2nd biggest stack & the only lady), the chip leader to my right re-raised all-in, the chick who was second in chips thought about it for awhile and called. So it was my 2,3 dia suited vs. AK from the chip leader and AQ from the second chip leader. I managed to hit an inside straight to the six on the river by hitting a 5 on the river and quadrupled up. To the best of what I can remember the flop came 3,4,6... where I paired a 3, then I was praying for a 5 to hit and got it on the river.

    The chick who was overwhelmingly second in chips was eliminated due to the chip leaders King kicker playing and that put us at 9 players remaining. They were only going to pay 8 spots and she knew that. I have to give that chick kudos for calling and losing the hand, I thought she should have laid the hand down personally to ensure a payout at a critical moment in the game even though we all play the game to win. With her chip stack she could have easily coasted to a cash. She probably should have. Once she got eliminated we went on a 10 minute break, came back and chopped up the pot where $600 went to the chip leader and everyone else got $277. We never played it down to 8 players according to the casinos payout breakdown.
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    Congrats Blitz, savor the win!

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    Thanks CP, I didn't get to savor the cash for very long, I felt like I got lucky to cash. I couldn't believe that chick had the balls to call the chip leaders all-in bet at that point in the game. I have to admit that I thought it was a horrible call on her part to do so, but in her doing so it allowed me to cash. I needed someone to make a mistake and it sure enough happened while I was gracious enough to quadruple up during the process to keep me in the game.

    The following morning I entered a monster stack event and went all-in on a pair of Jacks pre-flop several hours into the event to try and pick up this one pot, my JJ met this ladies AA sitting to my immediate left. About 5-7 hands before that I picked up JJ pre-flop and this one guy raised to $3500 pre-flop, I thought about raising him once the bet came around to me but I folded JJ because I thought he had me beat. He showed me AA and I was kinda glad I had folded. So 5-7 hands later I get JJ again pre-flop and am like there is not way I'm gonna fold a pair of Jacks again, so I went all-in pre-flop which was the wrong thing to do. The lady to my immediate left snapped called with AA. The lady to my left didn't have me covered so I had about $1800 remaining after I lost my all-in bet. A few hands after getting beat up by her AA I pick up AQ of spades pre-flop, I ship it in and get two callers, the guy to my immediate right has A9 of hearts and bets on 4th street to push the 3rd player out, two hearts hit the flop and he hit a heart on the river to make his heart flush to eliminate me from the monster stack event. I'm kicking my ass for shipping it on a pair of Jacks. I may have had a shot to go deeper if I didn't try to get to greedy with that hand.

    Amazingly I didn't do any other gambling other than playing in those 2 poker events. It's not like me to go to the casino and just play poker tournaments and not hit up a cash game. Normally I'd be in the cash games right after or finding a BJ game or a craps game to play. Or I'd play a cash game into the wee hours of the morning. Didn't do it this time.
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