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Thread: Blitz-Boz Winner Pay Discussion

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    Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg
    ZG, it's time to leash your dog... Wicked is trying to jack this thread. Wicked, save the election bullshit for the appropriate thread you inconsiderate asshole! Don't worry, your going to lose. I'm not worried about the outcome because I already know the outcome.

    "I only came to this thread to make fun of the value of their poker chips. You, Katz, and the Albino decided to make it about me, like pretty much every other thread. Look at the last thread I started. Half of the posts are unwelcome troll posts. But half wasn't enough. A thread about my thread was started.

    I'm not posting anything about the election here. I've been posting about the bet, which I didn't bring up. If you're not worried about the outcome, why aren't you worried about getting paid? Katz said I won't pay, twice. You "feel" the same way as him. It needs clarification. Let's make arrangements so that you can be guaranteed payment as soon as Trump wins. I'd like to prove Katz wrong, and it's hard to do that on the off-chance Clinton wins."

    The only one that got proved wrong was Boz. Piece of shit! The only guarantee was that Boz lost.

    Last edited by Blitzkrieg; November 27th, 2016 at 04:05 AM.

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