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Thread: BJ Question: A/10 Frequency and Card Readers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villiam View Post
    I wish it was so easy....

    In line with how you were talking Blitz, you CAN find dealers who understand ways to cheat the game in favor of the player. I have no idea how this could happen as much as I've seen it happen actually but it happens a lot. And it happens under of conditions of relative anonymity!
    I got in an argument with boz with T3 on my side on other site about this. t3 stated that you an train results via your tipping. In other words, if you are going to tip anyway, try not to kill your hourly and only do it when dealer does advantageous things or mistakes in ur favor. I've seen this overall to be very minorly if at all effective, which is what boz was saying in our argument.
    It was a thought Villiam and much to my own curiousity.

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    A skilled dealer can flash himself the hole card. He can also quickly check for As regardless of the upcard, and make it appear innocent.

    A good tip hustler KNOWS that because he's accidentally experienced it, and maybe even experimented. He may falsely imply he will do it for you just to elicit tips and then give you bad strategy advice based on guesses or hunches.

    For multiple reasons, it's usually a good idea to stay away from dealers who supposedly can get a read on a card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villiam View Post
    Hey John, could you explain some of the details surrounding #4 on your list? At a lot of the places I play I run into dealers that rotate as pit. Mostly from what I can tell this involves sheer operation administration and is quite mundane. I wonder about what practices are used to "deflect" the critters...
    Where I generally play the pit doesn't rotate in with dealers, but a friendly dealer can sometimes keep the suits busy with other things, if you signal discomfort with having them around. I did this while HC'ing for years, and it worked well. "No, he doesn't have a player's card, he's a little eccentric and wants to be left alone.", they'd whisper. Stuff like that. Or the dealer will notice some other table that needs a buy-in check and send the suit over there. Or the dealer knows you're impatient and doesn't bother to get a check from the suit when paying you purples (again), etc.

    But I tipped well during those days (I could afford to!), and did all those other things that make dealers like you.

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