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Thread: What About Renzey's 2D TC?

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    Default What About Renzey's 2D TC?

    In BJBB II Renzey's use of a TC per 2D par for the MENTOR was excellent.
    I have recommended many times that new players aspiring to a level-2 count consider using a 2DTC.

    ZenMaster_Flash @ BJ Solutions - Blackjack Bluebook II
    In Blackjack Bluebook II the highest level count is his "Mentor Count." Fred Renzey claims that "increased granularity" results from the use of a two deck T.C. To this very moment, I have never been able to accept that somehow this is a good idea.
    Think about it - initially the newer true edge 1/4D TC ZEN seemed like a good idea, but it didn't hold up. If you mostly play 2D like me a 2D TC is the easiest to calc accurately and using only multipliers.

    I must still be confused. If you are playing a DD game then a TC using [integer] 2D makes NO sense to me.
    Can you show a few simple computations with ½ deck played and with 1½ decks. Perhaps I am educable after all.
    Here, the light goes on!

    TC per 2D method example -

    RC +4
    Decks Remaining = TC
    2.00 = +4
    1.75 = +5
    1.50 = +6
    1.25 = +7
    1.00 = +8
    0.87 = +10
    0.75 = +12
    0.62 = +14
    0.50 = +16
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