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Thread: Las Vegas Illuminati Occult Stronghold Be Warned -VIDEO

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    Default Las Vegas Illuminati Occult Stronghold Be Warned -VIDEO

    "Think you know the REAL Las Vegas? Think again.
    Planning a trip to Sin City? What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay there.
    And the events might just change your life... forever.
    Once you see this film, you'll never look at Las Vegas the same way again.
    And never forget, in Las Vegas, anything is possible ..."

    "The dogs bark but the caravan moves on."
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    Default Black Magic

    I thought the video was off and incorrect until I got to the end. I don't think Vegas would change someone like myself although I look at Vegas as an adult Disneyland from an outsiders point of view. I tend to think that I don't give into my vices and tend to stay more focused, patient, and disciplined when I'm putting cash at stake in a casino. I don't think the Vegas Vibe is a powerful force that transforms people with a strong mind. The best part of the video was the last few minutes when the narrator started talking about magic. The latest trick I'm doing is tossing the deck up in the air with one hand where I make the deck spin around real fast with several revolutions in the air while the deck is together and then catch it with the same hand, my shooting hand. That trick is derived from making the deck do a moonwalk affect. The essence of an advantage is an illusion. I've become quite a crack magician with the cards and in doing so I've become a more dangerous card player, much more dangerous than I ever could have imagined I suppose, self taught as well. Or maybe I've just become more aware of my surroundings. To paraphrase the narrator, "Magic is the use of will, to manipulate energy in order to cause change, powerful energy causes drastic change." Magic can cause drastic changes, especially when it is used as a weapon in a card game. Maybe I have been affected by the Vegas Vibe even though I'm not there and thru obsession & diligence I've been led down this path.
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