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I always had strong suspicions that he,she,T3 was very deceptive, along with possible drug and alcohol issues ...

Hello Ouchez. I read an interesting book a,few years back. It was primarily about a guy that was a dealer for years. He gave the inside scoop on how cheating is rampant. The book is now outdated. i stubled across it in a library. But Im almost certain the Authors last name was Ouchez. Was that you? if so. Great job.

So is T3 really a lady? During my 7 day ban. He/She was baiting me. Then when I returned my responses were deleted. I mean it was milk toast/Mary Poppins sort of stuff. Then I ask a question as to why Norm allows Flash to talk to Zee with such disdain. T3 responded to part about ZenZone. But the rest of the post was deleted.

Reason was for too many posts. But I wouldnt have made any posts except to respond to T3s baiting.

Anyway, I think about all the people Ive met in sports and biz. Not one guy would do this. But there are a few ladies Ive known with the "I will get you, you SOB" mentality after I was long gone. I still avoid them to this day.

A theory I read somewhere was that Norm was T3. 3 stands for 3rd generation. If so, it doesnt make sense. Why ban someone and then bait them?