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I understand Blitzer. Boy, do i understand. But sometimes you have to just let it go for your own peace (piece) of mind.

If I went to all the people that owed me money or a favor who "promised" to pay me back and said your debt is forgiven if you just go on BJFT and give certain people shit. I could keep Norm's puppets challenged by socks for a year or more.

Hell, not long ago, I was about to take it outside with a guy over a dollar. And it wasn't even my dollar. Supposedly he is some drug dealer. But how is it a drug dealer doesn't even have a dollar? His thugs showed up a couple of hours later. I wasn't too worried. Must be a low budget operation.

So I get your pain Blitzer. Just consider it a learning experience and move on is my advice.
I have let it go but I'm still upset when I think about it. The money didn't hit my hand. I remember reading a thread about ZG making a $100 bet with Moo over the price of gold and getting paid and I wanted to go higher. Just 20X higher. I did, I won, but I didn't get paid on the bet of the century. The idiot Boz who lost the bet reneged on his part, so the bastard has been banished.

Good thing it didn't get out of hand with the drug dealer over a dollar Moses. Moving on is what I've done Moses.