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    From Flash: Hope he makes it ...

    I am not trying to hijack this thread. However, the theme strikes close to home.

    I am a full generation older than Tthree (and Tarzan too) but ... as I am keyboarding
    this ~ where I have been for days ~ flat on my back. I am sick and I am seeing a wide
    array of physicians, each a board-certified specialist in their field. That is so, simply
    because I have a wide variety of symptoms without a solid working diagnosis / prognosis.

    I may have to cancel my midwestern sortie this week as I may be back in the hospital.

    "What is wrong?" you ask. Well, the shorthand response is that my lungs are functioning
    well; but nothing else is. Heart, Liver, Kidneys, and Pancreas are all functioning poorly.
    My spleen may be alright. My organs are riddled with cysts, including my adrenal glands.
    i think that cancer, while not 100% out of the picture, is not likely. Multiple Organ Failure ?

    These problems all seem to stem from last October, almost precisely a year ago to the day,
    when I suffered from having eaten a tiny mushroom - "The Death Cap" - amanita philloides.

    At the time, my research indicated that death via multiple organ failure "one year out" is a
    commonplace sequel. LOL In a matter of hrs. it will be precisely one year that has elapsed.

    Ironically, this week I have received communications from others suggesting that my obsessive
    posts need to be curbed, as they have become repetitive, with my becoming a "crashing boor."

    Whatever the case may be, my mortality has sharpened my focus. Friends have urged me to
    "soldier on." Monday I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist' office; not that a Nurse
    Practitioner will have the depth and breadth of clinical knowledge to properly assess my condition.

    I have a "to-go bag" packed for the hospital.
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