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Thread: "ZenMaster" Flash, The REAL Story?

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    Quote Originally Posted by creeping panther View Post
    The truth, as I see it, is that anyone still hanging around these various BJ sites, after all these years, must truly have no life, or is an addicted gambler, con man, and probably on the verge of suicide many times over!! Norm and Al Rogers included as well as Smith.

    I think when I used to host the, 'Non Elitest', 'BJ Bashes', that was some of the best of times, because it was not just about playing BJ but making friends and associations and good times. Strange how some A-Holz and legends in their own keyboard minds were so threatened by those great events, that grew better and better.

    Those bashes sound like a lot of fun CP. The good times never have to stop and I wouldn't let someone discourage you from doing what you want to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    Thank you Moses, that is very big of you. Again, these things were never personal, but for my part, I probably didn't always handle things as well as I could and should have and some of the name calling, born out of frustration fueled the flames.
    Those flames traveled across numerous forums, probably 4 or 5 that I can think of. It sure seemed personal when Norman kicked you off his forum KJ. From my perspective.

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    Default Thread

    I have went through this entire thread since post#1, amazing thoughts and much work put into those thoughts and arguments, astounding really.

    It is nice to see some of these very familiar names are still around and that KJ is still hitting it and his health seems fine .

    "Midwest Masters Of Advantage", "Strength and Honor."

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    Everyone that I have helped with their game knows that I am
    target for those who hide behind their anonymity and engage
    in 'character assassination'; and have learned that this altruist
    needs no defense as he knows who he is and isn't.

    False writes:

    Moses replies:

    Why would anyone think they had to hide from someone who can't hit his own ass with both hands? You are doing a fine job assassinating your own character.

    Norm. Not that Norm. The other Norm. Why do allow nonsense threads like this that are bad from the start? Do you really think they will end any better? You've got 20k combined posts from someone who many say never actually plays blackjack (Spanish 21) and a drunk. Shrewed! This is where you put your loyalties? What is wrong with you? Stealth, Bosox, Freighter, and Bjarg have their poop in a group to name a few.
    You lose those guys and not much remains. T3 and False can go back and forth expounding on their self imposed greatness.

    Time for Norm to come out of the closet and speak the truth. BJTF isn't even about blackjack anymore. It's one long soap of drama queens using various handles and creating confusion to confound the understanding. People are sick of it. One would think you would be too.

    Last edited by Moses; June 11th, 2018 at 11:53 AM.

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    Default The Refinery

    I'd also add that even if you pass in the boot camp you should also get checked out in a casino. If you make it around the east coast I'd be happy to evaluate your play.
    The Refinery writes ^:

    Moses replies: Well, at least your not writing in big blue letters anymore. You assholeness has declined considerably. No worries, it's still quite evident. The ponies not running so well for ya?

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    Default I've never met the man...I don't know who you are talking about.

    Gas 1 Writes:

    Another sock or put up or shut up? If you're implying I've posted on this forum before, you'd be sadly mistaken.

    Character Assassination is only done when someone is fabricating stories about a person. I can not only assure you, but prove in no way are my allegations "character assassination" . How about you channel that same passion and drive towards your friend ZMF and openly fully refute everything and the challenge I presented to him? No, cause it's much easier to stand by your friend's side, ignore what the new guy is presenting and try to "assassinate" his character for speaking facts? You've got life twisted my friend

    Apparently you definitely have selective reading habits (like a couple others in here). I already addressed this point a few posts ago. I simply posted to offer help to a up and comer and ZMF stuck his nose in my business. He even went out of his way to email me with the audacity of declaring I tell him who am I to be offering to help another person in here. Had he just sat in his glass house & not thought about throwing that stone, this thread could've gone alot smoother as I would'nt have felt the need to post exactly what I know about him (and a few others in here do too). Should I show you his follow up email he sent me, implying everyone knows he's a software pirate while attempting to win over my heart with his Robin Hood excuse why he does, to steal from the rich developers and give to the poor who can't afford it but should have access to them all. Better yet, here it is, before I get accused of more "character assassination"

    NORM. THIS IS WHO I'M FUCKING TALKING ABOUT. I gave you a break and didn't copy and paste the name. Banish that wise ass, arrogant drunk, stoned rip off thief, for good. This poster who you probably will ban has hit the nail square on the head. IT's right under your nose and you say you don't know him? I'd say I wouldn't want to know Flash. Big Difference.

    Notice the color I Marked?

    Last edited by Moses; March 12th, 2019 at 09:02 AM.

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    Unfucking believable.
    I’ve taken a screen shot of the outing, in case you tr6 to hide it by delet8ng it.

    BTW douchebag, anyone who pays any attention to this form know 5hat I’ve aggressively chastised ZMF on certain issues.

    I'm sorry Mr. Freighter, but this one is fucking believable. All I wanted was the TRUTH and I simply would've went away. Athletes don't quit. You know that Sir. Big words, small words. Flash is a menace, a danger to APs, and an absolute disgrace to BJTF for the shenanigans he has pulled.
    Last edited by Moses; March 8th, 2019 at 06:52 PM.

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    Default Poof, The Magic Norman

    Poof. Norm, the magic man, just made it all go away. Now, if can make Flash disappear once and for all then problem solved. No? Jeff Dunham would be smart enough to see that when a particular puppet is getting booed, it's time to put it back in the case and leave it there.

    I should've copied the entire post. Lesson learned. Norm, all it takes is a phone call with the truth and I will go away. The others? I doubt it. They seem rather pissed off at the blue ink bomber.
    Last edited by Moses; March 9th, 2019 at 10:02 AM.

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    Gas 1 writes; you
    attempts to make a great BJ card counting software (which it is) your dumbass forgot to put a lock code on it which prevents people, who bought it, from sharing it, but worse, offering to sell it other people using their code on these facebook card counting forums and blackjack discord. Don't shoot the messenger old fart, cause you were to dumb to protect your intellectual property

    3 people in those forums tried selling it to me for $40-$50 using their codes you in past 4 months. In fact, quite a few guys from here are in those forums including the guy who created it. I don't care what you do after reading this to protect your profits and property cause the damage has already been done and continues to be done behind your back.
    Criminals exist everywhere and they belong in prison. But, bulletproof security would make the product too difficult. So, we have to live with these destructive animals who reduce my abilities to support the product.

    Now, it would be more useful for you to tell me who these people are and where the sites exist so that I can file the appropriate paperwork; as I have done so many times on twitter they no longer require that I file the forms.

    Darn, my plans have been foiled!



    The folks selling this are really screwing buyers as the product can't be updated or moved. But, I guess that serves them right.


    Banned or Suspended


    I understand that someone has slandered me with a false accusation.
    I do not own your fine software ~ and have never sold said software.
    I have had it offered to me in the past, but I do not
    run windoZe.

    Flash Banned; Interesting
    Last edited by Moses; March 12th, 2019 at 09:03 AM.

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