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Thread: "Gambling With an Edge - Richard Marcus author of Dirty Poker"

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    Default "Gambling With an Edge - Richard Marcus author of Dirty Poker"

    An old interview from Oct 2014 I never listened to. This is a book that I would enjoy reading to learn about the things people do when it comes to America's favorite pastime and how one may be able to protect themselves. A tunica molesta (Latin for "annoying shirt") was a shirt impregnated with flammable substances such as naphtha, used to execute people by burning in ancient Rome.
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    Default A great interview

    I surely enjoyed that interview. Ever since I learned of Marcus via the Breaking Vegas episode I've been intrigued by him even though I do not identify as a casino cheat myself. I have never cheated in a casino and more than likely never will, I don't have to in order to win and I know it. My curiosity about Marcus stems directly from a background of playing video games when I was younger and learning how a lot of games had codes a player could put in to play the game a different way. That is what drew me to study blackjack, knowing how the game could be played in a different fashion. The internet puts so much information at the tips of our fingertips, I've learned some things about poker players just in the past week that I never knew about a small community of players. Especially reading the article about the, "Top 10 Most Hated Poker Pros." http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/...oker-Pros-quot
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    At the 22 min part in the vid Munchkin poses a question for Marcus about an optimal way to collude in poker, as in can it be calculated mathematically to produce a type of basic strategy for the colluding poker players. Personally I do not think a mathematician can calculate an optimal basic strategy for a poker collusion team lets say in NLHE because we all know that the worst hand can win in poker by bluffing off the winning hand, it happens all to often. I believe that an optimal basic strategy for a colluding team would depend on "outs" a player or team will have and knowing in any helpful cards are in your partners hand. It would be difficult to quantify such an edge.
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    Default Home Games

    Everyone who loves to play poker and gambles has probably seen the movie "Rounders." Worm and Damon play a whole slew of "home games" where they run amuck on their competition cutting them up by CHEATING them in many cases. How splendid. Surprisingly many professional poker players love that dynamic duo of cheaters in that movie so they say. Now why is it that a movie about cheating is a favorite among many pro poker players? Why? Maybe because they are cheaters themselves, or have been at some point in their card playing career. Back to the interview. At the 39 minute mark in the interview the topic of "cheating at home games" comes up. I'm sure just about EVERYONE who calls themselves a poker player has played a home poker game somewhere. People who cheat in a home games by trying to deal a second or deal off the bottom of the deck as Richard put it and get caught will more than likely receive an ass kicking, slashed tires, or worse. In addition with forfeiting any winnings. I have to agree that most of the cheating that goes on in private home games is amateurish if it's going on. There has been collusion going on with this group of poker players I play with on a semi regular basis. I'll call them the city players and the organizer of this group of players has had to announce to the group that any collusion going on needs to stop on a few occasions. Just recently I've suspected 3 players of poker collusion that play there. They think they are slick and go unnoticed, but they are not. Personally I believe that most of the poker players that I play with up there are cowards when it comes to poker even though many of them seem to be good people. It's like they want to try and hide at the table when we play from my viewpoint. Nobody wants to sit in the middle of the table. It's like they are all scared to sit in the middle position. As the people take their seats all of the end and outer positions of the table will fill up first and the middle positions on both sides will be vacant and the last seat or seats to be filled. Personally I think the middle position of the table is the most dominant position on the table for an MC because even when I am not the dealer, I can put my hands on the cards as a hand ends and the deal rotates to speed things up and to build trust among the players. As it comes to home poker games I believe the edge depends on the rules of the game. In particular how is the deal conducted. Is the dealer position fixed in the home game with a designated dealer? The edge will change for a solo MC or two man colluding team with knowing how the deal is conducted. If the deal rotates and the MC gets to deal he can get a look into the deck on his deal depending if the previous hand goes to a flop, turn, or river. In addition if an MC is working with a partner they can also send hole card information to one another so on the MC's deal, they may have the ability to know the location of the cards of the previous hand that were exposed. Depending on if the person to the right of the dealer gets to cut, the collusion team will then have to determine if the known cards are going to be out of play or in play by determining how many players are in the game. So deck estimation does play a small part with a collusion team. That could be up to 9 cards of information out of 52 cards on the MC's deal! The five flop cards, his and the team members 2 hole cards. On non team member deals the collusion team or solo player will have to pick apart weak shuffles and determine if they know the location of any cards in the deck and if they will be out of play or in play via deck estimation and how many players are in the hand, then send their hole card info to one another if playing as a team.
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    Default Remembered for my card dealing

    Last night I got bored and decided to go and check out this new NLHE poker game I had heard about a few weeks ago while I was playing poker at my usual stomping grounds. This particular game was at a local bar in town that I've never played in before, however this game was originally located at a bar closer to my home and they had to move it for whatever reason, possibly because a patron got stabbed to death outside one evening not related to card playing though.
    Surprisingly I remembered the faces of several people when the game used to be close to my home, I wasn't sure if they had remembered me but a few of them did. I believe it's the same ownership that owns both establishments. I bought into the game and right up front I could tell that there were several donks at the table, I thought it was going to be an easy game and it was. It only took two times for the deal to go around and one of the guys at the table mentioned that, "it's the guy who likes to wash the cards" from the original club (place where the person got stabbed at.) This older guy remembered me as I could recall his face and the bouncers and it's probably been 1.5 or 2 years since I last played with these people.
    A few minutes after that they brought in a second deck to the table like it mattered where the button would deal and the person behind the button would be shuffling getting the second deck immediately ready for the next deal. I can only guess that they felt like somehow I was cheating them with my deal or either they wanted to speed the game up for whatever reason . The fact that they wanted to speed up the game was fine with me because I knew the way most of these people were playing, it would only be a matter of time before most of them were gone. When it got down to 3 players I talked the two other players into a 3-way equal chop because all I cared about was getting paid, even though I already hit the money. These guys were trying to figure out chop percentages before the game was over and after I became second in chips I was able to coax them into doing an equal split. Not the chop percentages they were blabbing about.
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