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    I'm not sure if any of you gentlemen have ever played electronic poker in a casino or if you have any interest in the game. These tables are different and I see that they have gained some kind of popularity in that they have made there way into casinos across the country. Casinos probably want there popularity to catch on so they can fire their humans dealers. The amount of hands you will see in a session go up because you don't have a human dealer that has to shuffle the cards, deal them to the players, handle the chips, or take them out of an ASM and then deal them out to all the players again, etc. That wastes time right? I see that as a benefit to the player in ways as far as seeing more hands in a session. But I also see that the game is wide open and ripe for a number of dubious things which could occur when there is NO house employee sitting at the table as in a dealer to protect the public from players who may not be so ethical and noble in order to gain an edge. At these electronic tables the players have to do the policing themselves however the host will not come out and say that to a player, such a duty will slip the minds of most players who are just not aware of their surroundings because they are there to play poker and have a good time. In venues where electronic poker is the only poker game in the house and you want to play you better beware that their could be crews trying to work the table. These games are wide fucking open in my opinion. I included the video to show you guys what they look like so you may have an idea when I say wide open, check out the peeps at the table. If you think from an unethical viewpoint you will know what I mean. Check out this thread from 2+2 Forum on what a pro player thinks of these games. He sees the game one way, I see it a whole different way. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/27...table-1464366/
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